Junque Journal How-To

Phase One
One of my favorite things to use for art are the
Trader Joe sale fliers.  They're usually about 24 pages.
I like to first use it as a base to create other art on 
top of it to protect my work area then after
after turn it into a junque journal.

Supplies Used:
Semi-Gloss Gel Medium
Spray bottle with water
Scrapper or Brayer
Wax Paper

The first phase is to prepare your journal by
adhere 2 pages to each other to create thicker
more durable page.  If you start out with 24 
pages you'll end up with 12 double sided pages.

Step1:  Open up the flyer and thinly spread gel 
medium on both sides of the pages.  Making sure to
really cover the edges especially.

Step 2:  VERY lightly mist the wet gel pages 
with water. 
Step 3:  Carefully fold the two wet pages against 
each other and smooth out all air bubbles and 
wrinkles as best you can using your 
scrapper or brayer.
*Don't worry if you have some wrinkles it
 just adds character to your journal.

Repeat steps 1-3 until each page is 
glued to another.  Use wax paper between
each adhered section so the edges don't stick 
the other pages and allow to dry completely.

*Check back on the blog for my next post showing
my Scraped Paint Background Technique.

Backgounds Phase 2: 
In phase 2 I'll show you a variety of 
backgrounds techniques that you can 
use on your journal pages.

Scraped Paint 
Background 1
Click HERE to see
how to create this background.
This background is beautiful all in itself and
can be used as is can be taken further as I'll
show you.  
Close-ups of above scrapped 
paint background

Background 2:
Stamped Pattern 
Background Click HERE

Background 3 & 4:
Layered Acrylic and 
Oil Pastel Background
Click HERE

Background 5:
Click HERE to view my
Textured Galaxy Background

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