Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Make-Over

pumpkindollr On my trip to the dollar Tree store I
picked up the following Styrofoam pumpkin
and cool stickers and turned them into
THIS below:

Supplies Used
Styrofoam Pumpkin
White Glue (any white glue will do)
Vintage Book Pages
Pigment Inks
pumpkindollr1 I've gathered my supplies pumpk1
Start by tearing your book pages into strips and coat the pumpkin and the strips with watered down white glue.
pumpk2 Smooth any air bubbles and wrinkles (you don't want) out with your finger. Allow the pumpkin to dry. pumpk3 Using the inks add highlights and color using the punchinella as a stencil.
Add your stickers where you desire and burnish well with the cap of a pen.
Add 3 or more coats of the white glue allowing each coat to dry in-between.

Once your pumpkin is dry seal it with PYM II to keep it from getting sticky from the glue.

Check out your Dollar Storeand see what you
can find to alter and enhance with your creativity!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue Glass Sculptures

Thanks to my friend Kris, I finally created a 
glass sculpture out of old vases, plates, jars 
and goblets!I started this at my her 
house and finished it at home with blue 
cobalt pieces I've collected through 
the years. Click HERE to view 
my friend Kris' glass sculputres.

Creating glass sculptures I liken it to playing 
a giant game of breakable Blockhead 
(do you remember that game?). 
The problem is that there a gazzillion
ways of stacking, unstacking, and rearranging
your pieces! If you think you will remember
how you stacked it, you probably won't!
 If you're anything like my friend and I, and 
you have a bad memory like we do,  my 
suggestion is to make sure to take a 
picture before you  unstack and glue 
your pieces together.

Here's a close up of the top part.
The glass star is a stopper from
a bottle I have.  The round the 
base of it are blue marbles. I 
adhered it it in 3 sections using 
waterproof silicone.

For more glass sculpture ideas 
check out my Pinterest board

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Low Flying Witches and Herm & Ethel

It's that time of year again for low flying witches!

When I woke up this morning Herm and Ethel 
had arrived unannounced as usual.  For some 
reason Herm is in the birdcage aka doghouse...
for what I don't know Ethel is mums the word on 
the subject!
As always these postcards are free for 
you to right click, save and  download  to 
email to friends and family.

Click HERE to see past Herm & Ethel postcards

Monday, October 08, 2012

Altered Mousetraps

I love when I can take something like 
And turn it into something like this:
and this...

The above 2 are for a Christmas 
themed altered mousetrap swap

Click HERE to view a few other 
altered mousetraps I created.

Monday, October 01, 2012


Happy Oct 1st...hopefully we are days away from that welcoming cool fall weather that is so fast and fleeting here in the California valley!

Since October is breast cancer awareness month I had my mammogram today, have you? A friend shared this call for art project with me by Melanie Testa called Breast Pockets-with a deadline! 1000 pockets in 3 weeks?  I plan to do one in  honor of my late mother in law who chose to be a flattie.
The deadline is October 22nd!
click the link to read more about the project