Monday, June 11, 2012

Junque Journal Backgrounds: 3 and 4

Take A Sip Out of Life!

Here's a new spread in my junque journal I created.
(Click HERE to see my Junque Journal How-To).

Background 3: Oil Pastels

The face spread did not start out like this...
I had first painted the page with gesso 
like shown above BUT I originally
had something else in mind where
I had drawn the eyes and then had
a favorite quote with it,but things
didn't turn out the way I had 
envisioned...don't give up when
this happens because often times
a "happy accident" happens where
your idea takes a whole different
turn, but ends up working out!

Since my idea did'nt turn out I decided
to create a face around my original eyes.
I used one of my favorite products
Portfolio water soluble oil pastels
because I can draw with them, and
(wipe off and restart if necessary)
use my fingers to smear and blend 
the colors together so easily. After 
I will seal them with PYMII then 
outline areas with a fine sharpie.

If your not comfortable drawing faces
try drawing abstract designs blending
and smearing the colors so you get 

Background 4: Layered Acrylics

For Background 4 I started out 
by swiping plain acrylic craft paint
across the page just to give it a basic
background. I didn't mind that it wasn't
fully covering the words because I was
adding several layers of acrylic paint.

Supplies Used

Acrylic Paint
Punchinella (aka sequin waste)
Make-up Sponges
Foam Stamps
Here I began layering my page using various pieces of 
sequin waste, stencils and acrylic paint. I have found that 
using a make up sponge works the best for me when 
I'm pouncing the paint over the punchinella and stencils.
 The idea is to keep adding layers on top of layers, 
but make sure that you first dry each layer.

You can see how each layer adds more depth.  At this point I 
used a foam stamp and some white acrylic paint and stamped a 
larger design.  I then went back again lightly with the punchinella
to help blend the layers and give even more depth.

Now that I finished my layering 
I wanted to add a bold image 
which I found by way of some 
junk mail from Barnes and Noble.
I created the straw from some 
twisted paper and then wrapped 
it with craft tape.  Once I adhered 
it to the page I outlined the tea glass 
with a dark oil pastel and blended 
it in to give the image some 
added depth.

Next I sealed the page using PYM II
so that I could then go back in with
my pens to write my message.  I've
found sealing the pages helps not clog
up my pens. Otherwise the paint has
a tendency to get into the nib and then
they don't want to write.


  1. Love these techniques and the instructions! How timely of you to post them! Thanks!

  2. It's a fun spread. And, as always, you're very generous with your instructions - almost like an online class.

  3. Your art has such wild abandon. I love it, Aileen!