Friday, July 27, 2007

Colorful Playday!

Oh Happy Day!! I finally got to play the other day and I've been having way too much fun with the new canvas baglets I just got in! I colored them with Color Mists and then sealed them with PYM II (read a review on PYM II). Next I plan to embellish them, the possibilities are endless and my imagination is going crazy with all the things these little baglets can be used for. Here are just a few ideas: a cell phone fits perfectly, for a gift card, ATC, Goodie Bag, Swap Bag...

Click to enlarge

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Put Your Big Girl Panties on...

I've altered all kinds of things and participated in all types of swaps, but I think the following one I just finished probably takes the cake for the most unique for me LOL It all started when a friend bought the wrong size panties so instead of taking them back she proposed a Big Girl Altered Panties Round Robin Swap....taking from the saying "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" so the plain white panties arrived and after being stumped for awhile I finally decided I wanted to alter mine into something I would want to hang on the wall and a pair of big panties wasn't what I had in mind lol They started out looking like the following white pair:

I began by misting them with Lime Jello and Tahoe Turquoise Color Mists first then I cut the crotch out and cut them in half. Once they were dry I gathered and matched up the pieces to a pair of dollar store fairy wings and began sewing them on using ribbon, working my way around the wings gathering and turning slightly as I sewed....sewer I'm not but I managed! When I was done I misted them some more with Copper Kettle and 22 Karat Gold Color Mists and then stamped with some pink acrylic paint and a foam stamp. Once they dried I added a few other embellishments and turned them into Super Diva Fairy Wings which when worn give you super powers of protection just like Superman's cape or Wonder Woman's magic lasso ;-) Now they're ready to be sent on to the next person to add to them....

Front side

Back side

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Charmed again!

I've been making some charms for a charm swap with my local Art Peeps. The first set I made from more of the plastic cheapy paint brushes ( ) remember I bought a big container of them so I need to use them up since they really aren't good for painting. This time I pulled the handles out and then hammered them flat, then used the 2-hole screw punch to add a hole so I could set a mini brass eyelet in it. I hung them on fishing lure thingymabobs (sorry I can't remember what they're called but they're found in the sporting section of the store) along with a brass tag...I still need to use my metal stamps on them to add an inital.

The next set are made from Domino beads, red glass beads and a sterling silver antique bead.

I was nicely tagged by Carol in England since I've already been tagged before I've posted the link to my random answers for those that haven't read them or want to be bored:


even more interesting is Carol's blog and random facts she's lead a very interesting life and has a lovely blog and is a beautiful lady, so check it out:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

For your Inspiration Only...

Since I've not had time to create any new art I thought I'd share a few inspiring websites:

A friend had shared this website and it reminded me I had visited it before and found her work inspiring:
Darlene McElroy

I am always drawn to this website I just love her art, eclectic pictures she takes around LA and her witty posts
Dispatch from LA:

Joanne Thieme Huffman's blog has some wonderful pictures from a recent trip:

In my search for a particular item on the Internet I came across this website and fell in love with all the lanterns, bright colored parasols and pillows even! Beware if your not into bright colors you may want to pass on this ;-)

Always a sure thing Violette's blog and website inspires me! She's a fellow color lover like me :-)

Last but certainly not least is Anne's blog from I can't read French but in her case her art is enough to say it all...she creates wondefully textured pieces and her work is always inspiring to me:

That's it for now we're off to see the new Harry Potter movie first thing this morning, hopefully we beat the heat and the crowds!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mail Art For a Friend...

Well the mailbox is back up and I have just finished a piece of mail art to christian the new mailbox. I was inspired by Michelle Ward's Mail Art Crusade and created some mail art for a friend. I started out with a used goldenrod colored envie and stamped, rolled (foam rollers) and painted with gesso and acrylics then misted over that with my Color Mists then stamped and stenciled with chalk inks, stazon and a krylon leafing pen.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mail Art!

Since the house is so colorful (see previous post) I decided our gigantic mail box needed a paint job to match! I figured oh no big deal I'll have hubby take it off on Sunday and I'll get it done and back up Ha! When I say gigantic mailbox I'm serious its huge! Just to give you an idea it will easily fit 2 of the priority flat rate boxes in it plus at least 5 or 6 of the flat rate priority mailers! I love how spacious it is, but it has taken me much longer then I anticipated it would to paint it! I've been painting on it for 3 full days and frankly I'm tired of looking at it now LOL I've painted a lot of mailboxes for other people, but they've all been normal size not one that was on steroids! It will be a long while before I paint another one, but I am thrilled with how it turned out.

After all that work of painting on it I wanted to be sure its going to be sealed from the elements and not fade, so I used PYM II. This product is awesome, I use to only use Krylon but after using PYM II I won't use anything else.

The quote is a Maori Saying "Turn Your Face To The Sun And Your Shadows Fall Behind." Compliments of my friend Christy who shared it with me (thanks Christy!) I thought it went perfect with the sun and moon I had already painted on it.

PS: I had several people email me wanting to know what paint I used etc. so here goes. I first scrubbed it with a soap that removes grease and oils and then rinsed it throughly. When it was dry I sprayed it with Krlyon's spray Gesso. I then painted it with Golden's Paints...why golden's instead of craft paints or other paints? because they're lightfast so they won't fade as easily...between the Golden's Paints and PYM II the mailbox should hold up under the intense sun and damp winters we have.

(Click the images to enlarge them)

At the encouragement of my blog friend Wabbit I checked out Michelle Ward's blog (I love her stamps!) and she's issued a mail art appropriate to go with my altered mailbox! So I'm passing on her challenge to you click the link below and read more about it on Michelle's blog:

I've been inspired I'm off to create some mail art of the mailing variety, how about you?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Come sit on the Veranda and swing...

Create Your Own

I'm loving how colorful my porch/veranda has become! After having the house painted in the fall things are slowly coming together. I painted the door in photoshop to see what color I'd actually want to paint it...I still haven't decided yet. After looking up the definition for veranda our porch definitely qualifies as one so I've decided to call it that from now on...I feel so relaxed and peaceful when I sit and swing on the veranda, the colors inspire me creatively!
What inspires you?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Contest Announcement!

Enter OTM's
"Color Our World"
Color Mist Contest!
Let your imagination take you into unexplored creative territory using Color Mists as your inspiration


No you didn't take a wrong click LOL I've made changes yet again! Come on in!Although, I liked the last banner it didn't feel quite like me, a little too cutesy for my taste and kept feeling like I was visiting someone else's blog. I made the new banner using art backgrounds I've made in the past and some of my artwork. I'm hecka frustrated not being able to customize things the way I'd really like to, but for now this will have to do....that is until I get the urge to change the furniture around again *grin*

I'm not sure what this new look says about me but it certainly feels more comfortable and at home. Does that mean I'm in a rut and afraid of change? I'd like to think not but we do have a tendency to lean towards what were familiar with.

Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman I'm not! LOL but she is my favorite superhero as many of my friend's know! If I had to pick a Superhero to be she would certainly be it! She is definately the Goddess of Superhero women in my book!
Who would you be?
You Are Wonder Woman

A true goddess, you have the strength and skills to rule the world.
You're one sexy amazon... all of the superhero guys are fighting over you!