Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happiness is Being Cool!

Yep, that's right our heat wave is showing signs of leaving! after 11 straight days of 100+ degree weather hitting temps of 114 and 113 and then 110 we are now down to 106 and this evening before midnight it actually dipped to a cool 97 whohooo!! Yep, I never thought I'd see the day I thought 97 was cool LOL

Thanks again to everyone for their kind thoughts and concerns during my leg bout....It definitely is healing after several more Dr visits and the final conclusion is that after a fall I had I caused some very deep tissue damage that then became infected and the healing process is a very slooow one. I still have to be careful about sitting at the computer too long and not elevating my leg but it definitely is looking good :-)

A friend from a group I'm in posts pictures weekly and challenges us to use them in photoshop or PSP. Below is the original and then my variations:

Copyrighted Aileen Roberts
Do not use

Copyrighted Aileen Roberts
Do not use

Monday, July 17, 2006

Crossin' My Fingers!

I'm crossing my fingers that today is the day I can FINALLY find out what the heck is wrong with my leg, after yet ANOTHER Dr visit and my leg still red and a lump is there now they have finally rushed my ultra sound for this afternoon so that they can find out once and for all....Hopefully! Perhaps even the Dr had grown tired of playing the guessing game I know I sure am and let her know that when I went in.

I have no problem being assertive when it comes to my own family but I have a harder time being assertive when it comes to me but today I made my mind up and I went in armed with a list of questions and still I felt a bit shot down but at least my goal of getting the ultra sound moved up was met and I can hopefully know for sure!

On an art note I just received back my pages from a hand swap I was in and bound my book with loose leaf binder rings and added ribbons to it. I chose my Diva friend Michelle's hand page as my cover see below:

Here's a couple of my hand pages before they were finished:

Now I'm off to be good and put my leg back up ugh!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

He's Got Legs...

I'll keep this short since I still have to be careful about how long I sit at the computer. Gotta still keep that leg elevated which I have to be honest is a real PIA! The diagnosis seems to keep changing and its left me more then a bit frustrated so we'll leave it at that before I get off on a rant! :-)

What I really wanted to write about is what great guys I have! Hubby knows just what to bring home to me to make my eyes light up and make me smile and it ain't diamonds LOL

This morning Number 3 son and Hubby rode their bikes down to the local high school for a huge yard sale they were having. A few hours later they rode up with goodies tied to their bike for me! As a specialist in possession reincarnation I was more then a little thrilled! The looks on the people's faces as they rode home with this strapped to the back of their bike was worth it all they both said LOL

What exactly is it that they brought me? If you check out the picture below you'll notice an extra set of legs....yes that's right they brought me a set of mannequin legs and something else I've been on a search for is a folding ruler! Both treasures in my book!

Wee I'm flyin' now!

Strike a Pose!

Monday, July 10, 2006

No lights at the end of the tunnel, whew~

Yep, I was certain I was gonna see bright lights there for a while! Trust me when I say that my imagination was running amuck as it conjured up all sorts of things that might happen had my infection gotten worse! I think though that I can safely say that I'm finally on the mend! I was beginning to wonder there as my leg wasn't getting any better and I discovered I am now allergic to penicillin and broke out in hives all over(who knew!). It seems penicillin is the drug of choice for this type of bacterial infection I have in my leg (they still are not sure if it was from a bug bite or a fall I had recently) and the new drug was taking it's sweet time in showing any improvement. I kept thinking I was doing better and the fever was gone but then it would come back again and my leg seemed to be getting worse and was on fire to the touch....but I have officially been fever free since Saturday and each day the leg is looking a little less inflamed especially if I do as I'm told and keep it elevated and its not as hot to the touch! It sure makes it kind of hard to do much on the computer or art for that matter.

Thanks to all of you for sending good wishes, thoughts and prayers!!

Here's a link to a baby shoe I altered....I finished it right before getting sick....It's for a friend's RR I'm can check it out here:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fever Induced Haze!

Well the boys camping trip is about half over and hubby and I have been really enjoying the peace and quiet and lack of chaos in the house! Nope, I don't feel guilty! I know they'll be home soon and the chaos will begin once again, so I might as well enjoy this time, as a friend so nicely reminded me its my vacation too :-) It also gave us a look into the future of how well we'll function together once retired and we do well together, we each have our own interests and yet enjoy spending time together with common interests. I truly believe this is the key to surviving an empty nest and or retirement! We also celebrated our 17 wedding anniversary on Sunday and it just doesn't seem possible that it's been that long it feels more like 7 or 8 years not 17 man does time really fly!

On another note be careful of insect or spider bites they seem to be really bad this year I know of at least 3 other people that have been bitten and had bad reactions......The other morning I woke up with a red spot the size of a half dollar on my lower shin and it was swollen and hot to the touch but I didn't see any tell tell signs that I was bitten by anything and figured it would just go away. By the next night I was running 102 fever and sicker then a dog I hurt all over even my eyeballs hurt and just could not get warm! now that's amazing with it being in the 90's here even a coat and a hot car I still could not get warm! After progressively getting worse hubby (thank goodness he was home on vacation!) took me to the Drs. and she thinks I may have been bitten by something even though there is no tell tell break in the skin and said it looks like an infection set in. One strong antibiotic shot, a prescription and blood work and I was sent home.....I finally fell asleep and woke up thinking wow that was one good shot! how wrong I was it wasn't too long and I was running a fever again and to top it off I had developed hives on my upper body. I did manage to sleep last night in between another fever but I woke up feeling a lot better although I still have the hives! I'm waiting to hear back from the Drs about that. I'll tell you Its been a long time since I have been that sick and that scared! in my fever induced haze I started conjuring up all kinds of imaginary scenarios of what it could have been and what might happen! I'm just so glad that I didn't do like I normally do and waited even longer before going in because I have this thing about being thought of as a whiner which I'm not but for some reason I always feel that way so I put off going in to the Drs. thinking I can handle things......too many things happen now days so quickly that its better to be safe then sorry.