Friday, May 27, 2005


Yes once again its been ages since I've made it back in remember I did warn ya it may take me awhile to get back in here! *smile*

Where to begin! My kid's ATC class was a major success more so then I anticipated and I was able to get just a few pictures from the teacher that I've posted, so click the link to view:

After the Kid's ATC class I had a weekend workshop, I was getting ready for my cloth shrine workshop at the Altered Asylum. It was an awesome workshop and Keely Barham did not disappoint she is a generous highly talented soul.

I didn't have the hand work on my shrine quite finished after the workshop, but I did finally get it done see more pictures by clicking on the picture below:
To see the rest of the class shrines click the following link:

I have also spent time finishing up partial projects such as my puzzle piece for Debi's SallyJean inspired Puzzle theme where I used a picture of myself when I was about a year and a half old:

I also finished up 3 ATCs from my Boy Series, I had started them as demos for my Kid's ATC workshop:

Its back to work for me don't forget to check out my special still going on:

Squeegee Tool- multipurpose "Squeegee" from Tsukineko its really a useful little tool to use. Use the squeegee to create awesome background effects with re-inkers! Simply squeeze out ink onto your paper and then squeegee it out across the area you wish to create a background. Works great to create textures in paints and gel mediums also as a paper folder. I keep finding more and more uses for it!

For more info click the link below:

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Panic Mode Off

I am finally able to turn the panic mode off now that I have most everything ready for my children's ATC workshop tomorrow. I still think I must have been delusional when the gal called me to ask me to do the workshop because I, for some crazy reason, agreed to 20 kids in the class....what the heck was I thinking, Yikes!!!

I recently was sent an invitation from Krylon to enter their designer contest this also included a brochure of all their new and some not so products for me to shop away and then they would send me whatever I wanted to use. I received my huge box the other day and I've been having fun creating with some of the new products. I really like the Make it Pearl and Make it Iridescence spray paint. I also am loving all their new paint pens besides their awesome leafing pens which I would be lost without. I'm not so sure about their Antiquing spray its pretty darn dark for my liking. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use the Whitewash spray. The paint pens are called Short Cuts and they come in either pen, small spray can or paint jar with a nice selection of colors as well.

Time to realax finally so I can be ready for the herd of kids tomorrow LOL

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I figure I better get in here and write before I forget again besides its easier to procrastinate on the projects I need to get done for some deadlines. Hey my high schooler always tells me procrastination is his muse LOL Yep that's what I'm doing I'm procrastinating so my muse will show up! Not really er well sort of LOL I do have projects in various stages of completion just waiting on them to dry and yes I am avoiding putting together kits for a ATC Workshop for kids I'm teaching on Friday. Okay the guilt has gotten the better of me so I'm off to put those kits together and then I'll be back and reward myself with writing more...wait a sec is that a reward or not? LOL

Okay so I've put together 21 booklets for the workshop on Friday...right now I'm think "What was I thinking! agreeing to 20 kids in my class am I nuts!"

Altered Arts MagazineI had a deadline date wrong for the magazine so I'm working on my projects for that. The May/June issue just came out and my Patriotic Art Doll is in this issue.

Here's what didn't make it in: This was a book inspired by a workshop I took from Keely Barham who I happen to be taking another workshop from this weekend. We'll be creating Cloth shrines check out the Altered Asylum to see Keely's cool samples!

Well break times over back to packaging orders and working on deadlines!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

I know its been way to long since I've found myself in here once again, my apologies.

I had a rant I was going to talk about but since it's Mother's Day I thought perhaps I'd leave that rant alone for now since I find myself thinking more about the inspiration in my life. The person that truly shaped who and what I am and who is no longer here physically, my mother Pat.

It has been a long winding road since she passed away in 97. A road for a long time that only seemed to be filled with pain. I know every one thinks their mother is special and she is. There are some people though that truly have an effect on most every person they meet and that person was my mother. I had always known she wasn't like other kids mom's on the block and I noticed, but I don't think I truly appreciated it until I had kids of my own and then really understood the extent of it until after she was gone. She was not only a mother she was a teacher in all aspects of her life, a sharer of knowledge or experiences and a ball of energy ready to light you on fire with her ideas.

Its because of her that I can see the world through creative colored glasses. I of course wish she were here physically to share my creative metamorphous I've experienced through these past 8 years, yet I do know she is here spiritually. I can feel her smiling while I create and it makes me smile and inspires me on.

For years she was a teacher. She taught high school art unlike any art class I've ever come across since and later in her years she was a resident substitute teacher, teaching almost every day. She was still effecting lives, kids marveled at the fact that she always remembered or knew their names. Even now I meet past students or friends that remember her and talk about the effect that she had on their life. When I was younger I use to feel like I had a mother that wasn't truly all mine or my siblings that we had to share her with everyone else. I didn't understand that as a child but I did come to understand and appreciate it as an adult.

Some days I feel like I learned the most from my mother through these past 8 years of her being gone. That saying we hear so often "Gone but not forgotten" is definitely true! Mom you are definitely not forgotten and I miss your presence each and every day and I am sure that where ever you are you are still effecting people's lives by having met you, I love you mom!

A few years ago I started a altered book in dedication of my mother it was a painful but theraputic step starting it, I've yet to finish it though here it is:

Give your mother a hug and tell her you love her not just today but every day! :-)