Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Junque Journal: Background 1

As promised here's the next phase of 
my junque journal.  This scraped paint
background technique is a simple 
technique, yet very rich looking! 
It can be used as is or as you 
will see it can be enhanced.

Click HERE to view Phase 1 
of  my Junque Journal How-To

Scraped Paint Background

Heavy Bodied Acrylics
Old Credit Card or stiff cardboard
Wax paper

I prefer to use heavy bodies acrylics they glide and mix
well compared to thin craft paint. I'm using Golden
brand which is my favorite, but there are other 
brands as well such as Liquitex.

Step 1:  Place your wax paper under neath your page 
over hanging the edges so you don't get paint on the 
pages beneath.

Step 1b:  Squeeze a dime or nickle size amount of paint
out on your journal pages.  starting at the time use
lighter to darker hues.

Step 2:  Using your credit card (I save the sample 
credit cards that come in the mail for this) start at the
top and scrap your card across the paint mixing as you
go down the page.  Wipe your credit card off on some  
wax paper and begin again. Be careful you don't 
over mix your colors and muddy them.

Step 3: Continue until you have covered the entire page
completely and allow to dry.

Here's the finished look.  At this point
you can stop and use this as a journal page
or continue to the next step to enhance it more.

Stay tuned for my 
Stamped Gesso Background 

Download these 2 backgrounds for 
your own art use.


  1. Directions and samples, oh my! You are always so generous with your ideas for kick starting creativity.

  2. Thank you for the tips, Aileen. I've tried the credit card technique - mostly unsuccessfully.

    You've given me a couple of clues. Use thicker bodied acrylics and take care not to over-scrape and muddy the colors. Yay!

  3. This is a great way to recycle old books!