Friday, June 08, 2012

Junque Journal: Background 2

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my Junque Journal

In my previous post HERE 
I showed you my scraped 
paint technique next step 
is to further embellish it.


Supplies Used:
White Gesso
Foam Stamps (with a larger design)
Foam Brush
Paint Pens
Wax Paper
Heat Gun

Step 1:  Using your foam brush load your foam 
stamp with white gesso.

Step 2:  Looking at your background decide how you
want to stamp your design (randomly or in a pattern?)
then begin stamping and reload your stamp with
the white gesso as needed.  **The reason I prefer
white gesso instead of white acrylic paint is that I 
want my stamped design to have some tooth to 
accept my Color Mists.

Step 3: Since I chose to stamp a pattern I also wanted 
to add another stamp some what smaller in design 
between my larger stamp pattern.

Step 4: At this point you can leave your background 
to dry naturally or use a heat gun but remember to 
keep it moving so you don't over heat the paint 
and bubble it up.

Step 5:  In this step I'm misting my gesso stamped 
areas with  Color Mists (sprayable watercolors).  
This step will  add another layer to help marry 
my two backgrounds together. 

Step 6:  Because the Color Mists are watercolors 
I like to use my heat gun to dry them (again 
to keep your heat gun moving).

Step 6:  Once your Color Mists are completely dry 
You'll need to seal them since they are water
soluble.  My favorite to use is PYM II .


Step 7: To further embellish your background
you can use paint pens to enhance your designs.

 Step 8:  I loved how bold this background turned 
out, so I decided turn it into my cover of my 
junque journal.  Just to help strengthen the 
spine I've added some craft tape along 
the seam down the middle.


  1. You just have so many amazing ideas. I love your instructions. Thank you for sharing, Connie :)

  2. Great Journal! I challenge you to fill it up with well creative junque ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put into this hournal.