Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crafty Blogger Blurbs

My bad! Here I posted my crafty blogger blurbs and left them in draft mode...What a ninny am! Without further ado here they are...

The Artful Crafter A reader asks, "What are the pros and cons of selling crafts online?" Eileen answers.

The Crochet Dude Drew gives good advice on how to handle the non-crafty people (muggles) in your world.

The Impatient Crafter It's time for back to school fashions and Madge has whipped up a fab tiny Moulin Rouge inspired top hat headband project for your discerning teen...or any gal who likes a little splash of whimsy in her accessories!

Vickie Howell-Craft.Rock.Love Make cute-as-a-button frames to match with your favorite picture!

CraftyPod Sister Diane's new podcast compares two ways to publish a craft book: the traditional print and publisher method, and the ebook method. If you dream of writing a craft book, this is useful information.

Cross Stitch at Sometimes, you've just gotta go against the grain. Find out when and share your comments about stitching against the grain.

Mixed Media Artist Have you ever tried using heavy watercolor paper to make a peeled paper collage?

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery Relax! A Toilet Paper Cozy never looked cuter then when embellished by embroidering with ribbons to make a plaid square on a recycled sweater using a tutorial from the book Ribbon Embroidery by Natalie Bellanger-Clement

About Family Crafts Find out how to can make a story sack for the book, and soon to be movie, Cloudy With a Change of Meatballs.

Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner Alexa revisits and reconnects with a craft from her childhood

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world Craftside has a sneak peek into the soon to be released book; Who's Your Dada? Redefining The Doll Through Mixed Media, free graphics of good angel/bad angel birds with a tutorial for using them as T-shirt iron-ons, how-to's on bleaching and cutting photos to create windows, and a mosaic chicken project. The book and bobbin winder contest continues, leave a question on any topic and you are entered to win!

Crafty Princess Diaries You'll find some big crochet fun in these new little books published by Leisure Arts and written by Drew, The Crochet Dude!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Circuit Board Trophy

Circuit Board Trophy
(Click the pictures to enlarge)
My niece asked my son to make her a trophy for a cake off that she and her friends were having for their birthdays. Above is the end result!
He used circuit boards he cut and and then glued them together. Then added found bits and pieces of things we've collected in a box.
It looked pretty cool as is but then he added the paint and that's when it really all came together!
Pretty cool looking isn't it!?

Here's a couple of up close shots

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I Gained a Daughter in Love!

After all these years I'm so happy to
finally have a daughter!
I'm no longer out numbered (Yay!).
Here's my oldest son with his beautiful new bride!
I found this on the Internet (where else), it seemed so fitting.
Daughter in Love
Daughter-in-Love You came to me not after nine months of waiting... No, I had to wait forty-five years before you came into my life. And then, there you were... fresh-faced, hair swinging, that marvelous smile enhanced by the altogether lovely spirit shining in your sparkling brown eyes. He proudly presented you to me and I knew you were THE ONE. I'd often wondered how I would feel when the first of my sons "got serious" about a girl. It's not that I thought she wouldn't be "worthy" -- I worried that she wouldn't love him enough or believe in his dreams or laugh at his jokes. Would she support his decisions yet stand up for her own? Would she be strong through the bad times and cherish the good times? Would she like me? Would I like HER? And then I met you, and I knew... Here was not a person I could call "Daughter-in-Law," because that sounds like a contract and doesn't begin to describe our relationship. Law has nothing to do with it... but LOVE does. And so you are my Daughter-in-Love, who grew not under my heart, but certainly in it.
-Poem by Roberta Anne Hahn

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Banner Day!

. I finally hung my banners from the banner swap I was in recently (see previous post here ). I used tulle draped across the window and then clipped the banners on with tiny clothes pins.
I may play around with it a bit until I get it just right. I think they look quite festive :-)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Copper Bird Pin

Copper Bird Pin

I created this a couple of weeks ago but kept forgetting to take a picture of it. I used 40 gauge copper and downloaded, re sized and printed a bird template HERE. I then cut it out and embossed it freehand on the reverse side with a ball point pen that didn't have ink in it. I may decide to mount it on a small Formica sample to use as the base and then it can be worn as a pin or a necklace. To give it a little more aged coloring I dabbed some alcohol ink (Espresso) on to it.

Supplies Used

Vintage Wood Bingo Disk

Mini Brads-opened and used around the

bingo disk & for the legs

Laminate Adhesive (for bottle cap center)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crafty Blogger Blurbs

About Family Crafts Do you paper mache? Share your projects and stories!

Cathie Filian Cathie and Steve spoof their love of Mod Podge in their latest video.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world Craftside has a fun mixed-media cupcake jar topper project, a how-to on making bottle cap bookmarks, a tutorial on painting over a photo to create a multi frame effect, and a fun beaded fan design. And the tables are turned, leave a question and you are entered to not only win a free book but also a Wrights SideWinder bobbin winder!

Crafty Princess Diaries Re-purposing crafting materials is a great way to make sure you don't waste your wonderful stash of supplies.

CraftyPod Sister Diane shows you how to embroider on a perforated metal beading disc!

Cross Stitch at A saying from the Bard inspired Connie's latest free pattern. Stitch the saying alone or combine it with floral motifs for a larger sampler.

Mixed Media Artist Sometimes a jolt of new-ness is just what vintage imagery calls for. Learn how to combine cartoons with vintage pictures, digitally!

Naughty Secretary Club Jen takes everything from a vintage clock to an Etch a Sketch and coverts it into a funky picture frame.

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery The scissors are set aside this week and a vintage green marble gets re-purposed into a cool modern necklace with a technique from the book Contemporary Copper Jewelry by Sharilyn Miller

The Artful Crafter Read some suggestions for preventing your polymer clay projects from cracking.

The Impatient Crafter Madge transforms a Kraft paper lampshade from Target into a sophisticated accent piece for a teen's room in this post for I Love to Create.

Vickie Howell-Craft.Rock.Love A no fuss, no muss t-shirt project for the kiddos!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Speaking of Color!

Speaking of color, I've got a great
Click HERE to find out more or to order.

Click HERE to check out my
deli paper tutorial!
Click HERE to check out the gallery!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crayons...little men in colored suits!

I'm not sure what exactly prompted it, but I started thinking about crayons the other day. I always loved getting that fresh new box of crayons at the beginning of the school year. I would try so hard not to break them and keep them all neat and lined up in their box like little men in colored suits! It never failed by the end of the school year they were worn down bits n'pieces well used and loved just how crayons are meant to be! Even the box would be torn and squished. My favorite was when I would be given a deluxe box of 64 crayons with the built in sharpener in the box for my birthday or Christmas! Not only do I love seeing all the colors in one box, but I love reading their names and the smell of crayons, it's a comforting smell to me just like play dough and white paste!
Here's a favorite quote I love!
"Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon. A happiness weapon. A beauty bomb. And every time a crisis developed, we would launch one. It would explode high in the air - explode softly - and send thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air. Floating down to earth - boxes of Crayolas. And we wouldn't go cheap, either - not little boxes of eight. Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in. With silver and gold and copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest. And people would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with imagination. "
~Robert Fulghum
amazing carved crayons! They sure make me want to try craving some!

Who knew there were so many amazing crayon artists,
click the links below to take a peek!

Artist Jeffrey Robert creates beautiful art all using a box of crayons!

Master Crayon Artist Don Marco

Artist Christian Faur uses wax crayons themselves as pixels to create imagery.

Whens the last time you got
out a box of crayons and colored?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Beer Label Results

Awhile back I posted about the beer labels (click HERE to read previous posts) I created to enter in the county fair. As promised here's a picture of the results. Not bad 3 first and 2 seconds, I just wish there had been more competition.

Hubby didn't do too shabby either a first and a second in the same category and a 2nd in an additional category.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Altered Cabinet Cards

I just finished several new altered cabinet cards. Click HERE to view my previous Altered Cabinet Card Tutorial.

ccpartylo ccfunkylo

I added some new free cabinet card images you can alter yourself. Click HERE to view and download them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crafty Blogger Blurbs

Well I would have posted these sooner, but the good folks at blogspot somehow locked the door and didn't give me the keys....what the heck!?! There are some great posts this week so please sit back and enjoy!

About Family Crafts Hurry on over and submit your photos and ideas! Sherri is now accepting Halloween submissions. Share your costumes, haunted house ideas, more and browse through the photos everyone else has submitted.

Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner Alexa shares 3 great photography tips for taking better photos of your crafts. You don't even have to have an expensive camera!

Cathie Filian Join Cathie Filian on HSN August 17th where she will be showcasin the new formulas of Mod Podge, Chalkboard Paint and Texture Paint.

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world Craftside has a how-to on making a Traveling Mail Art Kit from the soon to be released book-Good Mail Day, a tutorial on how to line a flap and step by step directions to make a painted fusible web postcard. Be sure to answer the week's questions to be entered to win free books while your getting your fill of crafty goodness.

Crafty Princess Diaries Tammy has a bag full of fun crafting ideas for the crafter with a birthday.

CraftyPod SisterDiane interviews a top Etsy seller who decided to downsize her business.

Cross Stitch at Help Connie decide a caption for her free Bat Cross Stitch pattern.

Mixed Media Artist Cyndi has an imaginary friend named Jim...from 100 years ago!

Naughty Secretary Club Jen dishes up a recipe for making a pin cushion out of vintage tin.

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery Earrings made with something old, something new and a how-to from the new book- Simply Gemstones by Nancy Alden

The Artful Crafter Eileen blogs about learning photography - one frame at a time.

The Crochet Dude Drew is giving away all his latest designs that are included in his new line of patterns that just launched nationwide! To enter you just leave a comment on his blog!

The Impatient Crafter Make a super cute pair of flip flops with your kid or teen for your end of summer vacation! Madge shares the 411 in this post for I Love to Create

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Zazzle Sale Announcement!

I've added some new items to my zazzle store
just in time for the sale Zazzle is offering!
20% of the net bag sale price, and 10% of the net mug sale price, will be deducted when the coupon code BTS40OFFSALE is applied at checkout. The net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes). Offer is valid from August 3, 2009 through August 10, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.

Book Giveaway!

I hope your not getting tired of hearing about the Ties That Bind project (click HERE to read about the project if your not familiar) , but it bears repeating again and again if necessary it's for such a worthy cause and We NEED your help!....FIRST if you haven't purchased raffle tickets please run don't walk to get yours...$20.00 will get you 6 tickets to win this beautiful doll...if your worried what the heck your going to do with a doll this size...don' can always donate it to a cancer center.
Click HERE to donate or purchase raffle tickets

Would you like to win a
Ties That Bind
A Collaboration of Love book?
All proceeds from this book go to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF)
Click the link below to get a preview of the book

Here's the details:
Starting today August 7th, 2009
Giveaway ends September 30, 2009

1. each person that purchases raffle tickets AND posts back here that they did, gets their name entered in a drawing to win this beautiful book!
2. Post this Giveaway with the picture of the book on your BLOG then make sure to post a link back to it here that you did will get their name entered again in the drawing for the book.
3. Post this Giveaway with the picture of the book on your FACEBOOK then make sure to post a link back to it here that you did will get their name entered again in the drawing for the book.
4. Post this Giveaway with the picture of the book on your WEBSITE then make sure to post a link back to it here that you did will get their name entered again in the drawing for the book.
5. Each time you re post this information from now until Sept. 3oth and make sure you post a link back here that you did, you'll get your name entered again in the drawing.

Pretty simple, now lets go forth and spread the word :-)

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Best of Show

I'm playing a little catch up here. Here's a picture of my son with his flower he entered in the county fair. He's been mentoring with an elderly man this summer and has learned how to grow Dahlias. This particular entry he won Best of Show. He had a bouquet that won as well but my camera batteries died on me before I could take a picture. Hubby and I didn't do too badly either I'll post pictures once we pick up our entries.

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Awesome Swap!

Remember the fabric banner swap I mentioned here
Well I received my banners in the mail talk about an AWESOME swap it's probably the best swap I've been in! Not only are the banners fabulous, the swap was sent right on time but they arrived in the coolest envy! Our Hostess with the Mostess, Joanne sewed small fabric flags from an old cutter quilt onto a Tyvek envelope (see above). I just couldn't let all that hard work go to waste!

So I cut out the sewn piece with pinking sheers and added ribbon and lettering. The swap is from a group I belong to called the Altered Divas thus the Diva lettering I decided to add.
I'll post pictures of my banners once I get them hung.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Crafty Blogger Blurbs

Crafty Princess Diaries Tammy finally got a copy of the book Doublestitch. Is this too over the top for the more mature crochet crowd?

Cross Stitch at What are your favorite shows and movies to "watch" when you are stitching? Connie lists hers - read other stitchers selections in the comments and add your own.

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery The cutting goes high-tech by using a Cricut Die Cutting machine to make cool Locked & Loaded fabric patches that go great with a scissor image to make a rockin' jacket.

The Artful Crafter Don’t toss useful items just because they don’t match. Look at what Eileen did with some freebie ceramic canisters and an old wooden cheese tray.

The Crochet Dude Drew announces the winner of his Simplicity Rotary Cutting Maching giveaway and shares some cool vacation photos from New Mexico & Colorado!

Vickie Howell-Craft.Rock.Love See pics and get the scoop on the Summer Crafts & Hobbies show, live from Orlando!

About Family Crafts If you are trying to find a unique gift to make and give, why not check out my free printable calendar pages? You can choose from a variety of styles for not only the current year, but also 2010, 2011, and 2012. There is so much you can do with these free calendar pages. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking creatively...

Blisstree Arts Cyndi has a copy of Susan Wasinger's new book "Fabricate" to give away. Learn how to make fabric the star of your projects!

Cathie Filian Channel your inner diva as you create a dollar store altered tiara!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world At Craftside there are some insights from Marc English from the book Good Design, designing with one word from The Crafter's Devotional and a snarky sign tutorial for good die cut letter placement, how to draw fabric characteristics, how to sew a puffy sleeve and a 10-minute tip on using crayons to fix a scratch in wood.

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