Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Banner for a baby!

It was a banner day for me (hey is that booing I heard!) the day I finished this banner for my friend's grandbaby. It matched the baby's room perfectly and was such fun to make something girly :-)
Did I mention what a cutie patootie baby Kenley is and how wonderful it was to hold a new baby-it's been awhile :-)

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previous banners I've made.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Eye Candy and Blog Giveaway!

Over at Robin Egg Blue's blog she's offering a blog giveaway 
Stop by and check out her blog and eye candy!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Altered Shoes, Clown Shoes or Fairy Shoes.... You decide...

  I couldn't resist coloring my plain ole white tennies using my new Neon Color Mists! Here's a funny I have to share....After I had colored & sealed them I had them sitting on my table outside drying, and I caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye from the immediate thought was WOW what are those bright things out there Ohh cr** those are my shoes!!! Wow they are way brighter in the daylight then they looked....OMG!! its official I have my very own clown shoes Fairy Shoes! LOL  

I had previously washed my shoes in the washer and dryer so I was ready to mist away on my shoes!  It can be pretty messy so I made sure I put  paper down (I save the paper for after so I can use it for other projects like backgrounds). It took a lot of layers and using the heat gun in between each layer to get them to this point. Patience is needed at this point.  When they were fully dry I then sealed them with PYM II since PYM  makes things waterproof its perfect for my Color Mists.   Have I mentioned how much I love PYM II, I use it on everything!

I was still contemplating adding something else 
to help tone the shoes down and I finally decided to use Krylon's black spray webbing and then I
sealed them again with  PYM II

 Now I'm happy with them :-)

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Erosion Bundle Project Day: 94


I thought I'd share an update on my erosion bundle project (click HERE to read  previous posts about the project). Its now day 94 and my erosion bundles are starting to show some signs of wear from all the rain and wind we've had. 

I'm getting excited to open them and see what's
awaiting me inside (hopefully not mold LOL).

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A journey through my creative process...

Birds of a Feather...

I started out with 3 canvas panels and covered 
them with a paper napkin (I separated the napkin 
from its plain white backing)  using Golden's 
semi-gloss gel medium.

Once the gel medium was dry I gave them 
a light coat of watered-down gesso.

At this point I really wasn't thrilled with it and so 
I inked the edges with turquoise blue chalk inks and 
also used the ink over punchinella/sequin waste 
as a stencil.

It still needed more depth so I stamped with white acrylic paint using several different stamps. Once the paint was dry I added a layer of Golden's transparent blue air brush paint mixed with transparent glaze. As the final layer I used more of the white paint with the punchinella/sequence waste to give it the honeycomb designs you see. Next I drew some birds and cut them out of scrap paper then  pieced them together, inked the edges and adhered them by running them through my Xyron and for the finishing layer I added Golden's semi-gloss gel medium.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

What I'm working on...

Here's what I'm working on.  I started with a 16x20 canvas 
and covered it with torn map pieces using Golden's
semi-gloss gel medium.

Next I white washed it with watered downed gesso.

Once dry I've started adding Golden's fluid and
transparent airbrush acrylics mixed with Golden's transparent glaze.
Now I'm stuck contemplating what I want to do next.
Stay tuned...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crafty Blogger Blurbs


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Friday, February 19, 2010

And the Winners are...

The winning names are...

Ballistic Blue
Sassy Grass Green
Orange Zest
Techno Yellow
Flamin' Flamingo
Purple Nurple

Thanks to everyone for voting 
and helping me name the 

Ahh one more thing..the winner 
of the Neon Color Mist set is:

Debby Boltman!
Debby tripled her chances by posting on her 
Facebook page, twittering and commenting.

Congratulations Debby!

Email me with your snail mail addy

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fabulous Dollar Store Find!

Rosettes made by Debi Boring

Last week I met up with some art friends-isn't it great when you can get together with like minded friends who "get it" there's nothing better!  Anyway I digress... my friend Debi shared some rosettes she made from some sparklie tulle she bought.  But this wasn't just any sparklie tulle!  She found  fun little (I do mean little!) glittery fairy skirts at the Dollar Tree store!
Here's a picture of the fairy skirts as is (there are 6 colors in all). It's hard to tell in the picture but each skirt has strips of the tulle hanging down connected to the elastic around the skirt. The strips are the perfect width and length for the rosettes!  Of course a trip to the Dollar Tree store was in order before we headed home! We had to find those fairy skirts!  I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I just HAD to have them who can resist glittery tulle!!

Here I braided three strips of the tulle together and then began rolling and gluing as I  rolled. The hardest part for me was trying to be neat about the glue!


I folded the strip over and did a quick loose basting stitch then pulled on the threads to gather the tulle.  Trust me I am not a sewer so if I can do this you can too!

On this one I didn't fold it over but just did a basting stitch and gathered. I personally like the more finished look of the folded and stitched tulle.

Here you can see I used pinking shears to cut out a disk of felt and some petals from felt.  You can either stack and sew the layers together or or glue them. I then sewed a button into the center.
 Here's two of my finished rosettes.  Aside from embellishments they'd be fun with pin backs added or adhered to a hair clip for a little girl.  The uses and possibilities are endless! 

Thank you once again Dollar Store!! 

I hereby issue a dollar tree fairy skirt challenge to see what you can make out of them...if you do please post a link back here we'd all love to see what you created :-) 
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Chocolate Cupcakes

I'd forgotten to post this pic of the cupcakes I made on Valentine's Day for my family.  Since I've made a decision to eat healthy I was good and didn't have one-Sweets aren't my big downfall so it wasn't too hard of a decision.  I used a spice cake mix since that's what I had on hand, and then melted white candy chocolate I  had left over from my Christmas baking and dipped the tops of the cupcakes into the melted chocolate. Judging by how fast they were eaten I'd say they were a big hit!  The cool thing I liked about using the chocolate is that I could stack them without having to worry about frosting :-)

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