Background 5

We Are The World
This textured galaxy background was another turning
lemons into lemonade technique! I started out with
my Trader Joe Junque Journal (click HERE
for my Junque Journal  How-To) misting the
two-page spread with my Color Mists.

I did not get a proper picture for this next step but
while it was still wet with my  Color Mists I spread
some white glue on areas and smeared it around 
(just in spots) then sprinkled sea salt around on both 
the wet  Color Mists and the wet glue then used the 
heat gun to let it dry.  This is where it did not turn 
out  like it was suppose to according to the 
example I saw LOL 

 But I did like the texture I achieved with the mixture 
of salt and glue as you can see above after it was dry.

Next I wanted to add more dimension, so I pumped 
some silver Krylon leafing pen out on some waxy
paper (so the paper wouldn't absorb the paint).

Then I slid the wax paper across the high points 
of the background.

The more I looked at the background the more
it made me think of a far off space galaxy.
So out came my Portfolio water soluble
oil pastels.

I drew a half of a circle to represent the earth.

Using my finger I smeared & mixed the colors 
together until I had the look I was going for.

At this point I decided it needed some darker 
splatters of colors so I covered my earth up
with a towel then misted the background 
then dried it with the heat gun again.

Here it is dried and ready for the next step...

...which was to add a border using craft tape.

I also added some doodling to the 
tape with a white gel pen. 

Next I added some wording. I wrote on some
cardstock and adhered  it with some gel medium.

My final step I sealed the entire
page with PYM II 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the process, Aileen. I pick up lots of technique and materials tips here. The page came out beautifully!