Saturday, April 02, 2011

Easter Basket Cake

Easter Basket Cake
I made this from using just the base of my 
Wilton's giant cupcake pan.  I am by no means a 
cake decorator and my purpose for sharing my 
cakes is to show you that don't have to be.

After the base baked and cooled I  I sliced off the top 
to make it level and then scooped out about 
1/4"- 1/2" of cake evenly around the inside.

I was going to try my hand at frosting it by using 
a basket weaving design but was afraid I'd mess
it up so instead I came across a site that showed
how to make it look like basket weaving using
a fork .  They used chocolate ganache where as 
I just used regular frosting.  I know its not as neat 
as the regular basket weave design I think it works 
just fine.  I put a thin layer of frosting inside the 
top and around the opening of the cake edge 
then used a large a  large star decorating tip 
around the top and bottom of the cake.

Next I looked up how to color coconut to 
make the grass for my easter basket cake. 
I used two different colors of green...regular food 
coloring green and McCormick's Neon Green Food 
Coloring. I liked the variety of greens I got by
doing this. I then sprinkled my "grass" into the
center of the cake.
Next I added some of the Easter Egg Cake Pops
I made the day before. I also added some scrapbook 
paper flowers I stuck together with frosting and added 
pink candies for the center.

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  1. You have become quite the decorative baker, my dear!

  2. I could eat the whole thing! So cute. Thank you Aileen!!

  3. That's darling, Aileen. Thanks for the tip on using a fork to fake the basket weave look - very effective.