Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring Cake Pop Bouquet

Cake Pop Bouquet
Yesterday I tried my hand at making 
cake pops. I've seen various ways of 
making them here on the Internet, but it was 
inspired me to try my hand at making some!
What I learned from making my cake pops
is that they aren't as easy as I thought
they would be LOL...I think having a partner
to help you would make it a much easier.

The other thing I did differently then Alisa was to
melt the frosting for about a min in the microwave
just enough to make it slightly pourable which
made it much easier to mix without having to use
your hands.

I tried a Wilton's lollipop Party mold 
and it actually worked well but with 
this particular mold only the cupcake 
actually resembled a cupcake the
others just looked like shapes and 
are hard to tell that they were
actually a party hat and balloon!

Awhile back I blogged about 
scoring these Vintage mini tin molds 
 at the thrift store. I thought they would be 
great to use in my art. I actually did use 
one  in a shrine.  I never really thought I'd 
actually use them in the kitchen, but they 
were perfect size to mold the cake in.

Some of the tins I sprayed lightly with Pam 
cooking spray and then did some without 
the Pam and they definitely came out easier 
with the Pam. 

Another thing I did differently then Alisa was to lay my 
pops on wax paper once I had sprinkled them since 
I didn't have a colander with holes big enough to fit 
the sticks through.  They looked just fine once they 
hardened and I was able to easily fit them into the 
treat bags. 
The really fun part is using all the
sprinkles, jimmies and colored sugars
they have out now!

If you want more ideas for Cake Pops 
I found a cool book on amazon!

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