Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 Days of Christmas Swap

Sneak Peek!
Boy I don't know where time is going but it seems to be flying out the door at lightening speed! I just finished wrapping my giftees for the 12 days of Christmas swap I'm in with my Altered Diva buds and thought I'd give a little sneak peek...sorry that's all you get to see! I'll post the before pictures later when people have opened theirs.


  1. What a tease! And what cool wrapping. You can tell me what the giftees are - I'm in the other group.


  2. That was my sentiment too, Joanne --- What a tease Mz Aileen is!

  3. You're such a tease, Aileen. I'm guessing one of those with a J on it is mine. :) Now, off to see if I can finish up mine so I can mail tomorrow.

  4. Oh how fun they look so festive!! finishing up mine as well and hope they will be out by Sat or Mon at the latest!! depends on the elves!!!! hehehe!! Hugs Linda

  5. ooh how exciting for the recipients, sure whatever you have done will be great - can't wait to see what you created in a later blog