Friday, November 23, 2007

CRUSADE No. 14 ~ Imaginary Friends

Michelle from GPP has another crusade and she wants to know if you have a Muse? Is there someone who inspires you and your art? What is a Muse? The definition says it's a guiding genius who motivates you. Do you have imaginary friends who visit you in your studio space? You can visit Michelle's crusade here:

My art muse Aletta which means winged one in Spanish inspires me as she sits in my art room:
Wings and hats as over used as they are now, still inspire me, and I can't not use them they are a part of me regardless of how popular they've become!They bring out the fun and whimsical side of me in my art (see below for a few examples from past art pieces):
Color Inspires me! My brightly colored kitchen inspires me each and every day!

A just a few artists that I feel inspired by their art:
Joseph Cornell
John Waterhouse

and last but not least my art friends online inspire me with the wonderful sharing of their art!


  1. How nice to see Aletta again. She was inspiring to me also during her all-to-brief visit ... or maybe it was her journal ... or both! Just maybe, you are one of MY muses.


  2. I love wings and hats too! Your muse is beautiful!

  3. Aileen - thanks for joining the Muse crusade and sharing Aletta with us. Nevermind the chatter about wings and need to use what moves you because we know there are no rules, right? She's lovely! Thanks for reminding us about your interest in color within your home, and for sharing links to artists who inspire you.

  4. Hi Aileen! I checked out the links to your art and your house -- WOW! It looks like a very joyful and creative person lives there! Your work is very fun and I love your use of color!

  5. Aileen,
    Aletta is lovely! She and your post remind me of a line from an Ogden Nash poem,"If natural law refused her wings, that law she would defy, for she could hear unheard of things and so, at times, could I."
    Be well!
    jodi barone

  6. Your kitchen rocks! You must have a lot of energy!

  7. Just checking in to see if you posted your illustration on your blog yet. I wanted to wait until you did that before I put it on mine - didn't want to steal your thunder.

    You should be receiving the original in the mail if you haven't already.

  8. Aileen - she is just gorgeous! I love wings and hats, I've only been into altered art for 1 1/2 yrs. but I don't think I will ever tire of them! Marva