Friday, November 30, 2007

I've Got Color!

I was going to wait to share this, but I can't I'm so thrilled! I just have to share my illustrated caricature that Rick Green drew for me. He did such a wonderful job capturing me and my house!! What a nice and very talented person Rick is! You can check out the blip he wrote about my drawing and see the pictures I sent him here:
I received high resolution scans from Rick as well as the original which came in the mail today and let me just say that the illustration is even better in person, even more vibrant then I expected!
**On a side note Rick included a note not to get the illustration wet because the ink would run so just to be safe I sealed it with my trusty can of PYMII.

Thanks again Rick!!


  1. OMG, Aileen! This really captures you!

  2. Couldn't wait huh? Are you one of those who use to peek at her presents under the tree?

    Thank you Aileen for your VERY kind words. I am glad you like the illustration.

  3. I think this ROCKS!!
    What a treasure Aileen.
    I see you running through your yard and down the street with that paint brush coloring all the neighborhoods with bright colors, creativity and happiness. No longer are there grumpy neighbors in grey houses...they are all happy about the color. Soon all of the Modesto community is colorful and happy. A new Modesto reputation is born and publicized as so. We all live colorfully creative ever after.
    The End.

  4. Hi Aileen, What a great illustration, I was thrilled with mine too. Rick is such a nice guy too isn't he?
    I love your site, so cheery and colourful and I have already placed some of your ideas in my memory to use them for my own scrapbooking(hope you don't mind?) - although no doubt I will forget them by the time I get around to finding time and have to come back for another look.

  5. Aileen, this is so cool and fun and colorful. What a treasure.


  6. Wow! something to display with pride -wonderfully capturing YOU!!!!

  7. How exciting for you. How neat to have it hanging in your house. He did an outstanding job for sure.

  8. It's absolutely perfect! He really captured what you're all about. I just love it!

  9. Rick truly caught your adorable colorful personality to a T! It's wonderful!