Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ceramic Mermaid Tile

  • Micro Beads (Gold and Orange)
  • Mini Starfish and Shells
  • Extra Fine Glitter Dust
  • Gold Metallic Pen
  • Mermaid Image & quote (color photo copied)
Step 1:  Start with a white
glazed ceramic tile and 3D
Crystal Lacquers.
Step 2: Apply the pearl blue
and dark blue colored 3D
Crystal Lacquer across the
tile alternating colors.
Step 3: Apply a layer of clear
3D Crystal Lacquer over the
colored lacquer and blend
and smooth with your finger.
Step 4:  Apply the pearl
green 3D Crystal Lacquer
starting 3/4ths the way
down the tile to create
an ocean floor depth.
Step 5: Next while the lacquer
is still wet sprinkle micro beads
and extra fine glitter dust
along the bottom of the tile.
Allow to completely dry.
Step 6: Add accents to your
photo copied image using
the 3D colored and pearl
lacquer to create depth on
your image and set aside
to dry.
(**A color photocopy is 
recommended instead of 
printed so your ink 
doesn't run)
Step 7:  Once your tile is dry
apply a thin layer of clear 3D
Crystal lacquer and add your
photo copied and cut out
quote to your tile.
(**Color photocopy is 
recommended instead 
of printed so your ink 
doesn't run)
Step 8: Next add your image
to the wet tile and apply a
liberal layer of 3D
Crystal Lacquer over your
entire tile.At this point you
can also add your mini
starfish and seashells to the
wet tile as well (**If there
are any air bubbles you can
use a straight pen to pop them).
Set aside to dry in a draft free
level area.  Once dry repeat
process as desired.
Step 9: Once the tile is
dry completely color all four
edges with the gold metallic
pen to finish your piece.
You can use a mini easel to
display your tile or you can
glue a hanger to the back 


  1. That is really a neat tile. I didn't know that the cystal lacquer could be used like paint. It really looks like paint on this tile only better. cool!

  2. Great tutorial. Sakura is lucky to have you as a customer.

  3. That was supposed to say demonstrator, not customer - my excuse is that I was up for 31 hours yesterday.

  4. Very inspiring redo, Anita!! thanks so much for sharing! I found your lovely blog through Bliss & Folly. :)~Mary stack stone