Sunday, June 17, 2007

Michael deMeng Inspired Pendants

I just finished a couple of pendants inspired by a class I took by Michael deMeng. I made using my funky hand pens. Below is a slide show I posted of my process.
Supplies Used

Funky Hand Pens
Metal Cutting Scissors
Crown & Face Charm
Bull Clip
Metal charms, washers or beads
Liquid Nails
Golden's Acrylics
Modern Options Sophisticated Finish Patinas
Copper sheet
Copper Wire


  1. Although I must regretfully admit, Michael's work TOTALLY creeps me out, you have done a fabulous job of recording & 'teaching' this process. I could follow it exactly & I look forward to applying some of the techniques in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the time & effort it took you to create this so that we across the world could share it.

  2. wow !! ça c'est du vrai rouillé !! vraiment c'est magnifique !! je suis vraiment impressionnée par cette technique !!!!!!!!!

  3. Aileen--you are so amazingly creative and your thorough slide show was motivating! Great job with the hands--adding the wings made that hand morph into something almost mysterious but definitely iconic. Thanks! jood

  4. Those are so cool, aileen! I love them! My Kind of Art!

  5. Aileen, what a great slide show! The charms are so cool and you demonstrated perfectly how they came to be. This is a terrific set of directions for a magnificent project.

  6. These pieces are incredibly creative. I like this style of work. I haven't launched any efforts for doing anything in this area, but you inspire me to get myself going.
    Thank you for your incredible tutorials.

  7. Great slides and instructions!! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Can't wait to try it(your directions and slides are particularly easy to see because they are so well lit!!!)THANKS!!! Deb

  8. Spooky!! I love them!! Thanks for sharing your work step by step. I have not attended a Michael D M workshop, but have heard lots of good things about it. Am looking forward to receiving his latest book. Thanks again so much.

  9. HOLY MOLEY.... this is fantastic. I watched the slide several times... I love the final results on both of your hands....
    Great artist!!

    Mary Lou

  10. That must have been a FANTASTIC class to be in, Aileen!

  11. It is so fantastic!!!

  12. Love your slide show and your step by step instructions. Your hands turned out so cool. Your talents always amaze me. Coming to your blog is a real treat.