Friday, June 15, 2007

Decorated Torsos

I received these new 12 inch Torsos in and just couldn't resist creating with them! What fun they are and boy are they heavy duty! They are double sided sticky backed and have 6 pre-cut holes to use or cover over...technically they're meant to be used as an earring holder, but since when do I use anything the way it was intended ;-)

Here's how I basically created the two torsos:
12" Cardboard Torso
Deli Paper (scroll towards the bottom for deli paper)
Color Mists
Xacto Knife
Rub-ons, rubber stamps
Stazon Ink
Chalk Inks
Golden's Soft Matte Gel Medium (*optional)
Copper Washers and brads
Krylon Leafing Pen
Ribbon or Fibers
Color your deli paper with the color mists (see techniques and samples for ideas) don't forget to make enough paper for both sides. Once the deli paper is dry peel off the sticky back on one side of the torso and lay down your paper and smooth it out with your hand, then cut around it with an exacto knife (its okay if it gets a few wrinkles in it that's the beauty of deli paper). If you'd like it really smooth apply a thin layer of soft matte gel medium with your finger working it into the surface and allow to dry and repeat on the other side. Once dry edge the torso with the chalk inks then decorate with rub-ons or stamp as desired. Use the chalk inks over the surface of the torso after you've stamped to bring out more of the color or tone down the rub-ons. Edge the torso and stand with the Krylon leafing pen. Seal with PYMII then add brads, ribbons, wings as desired.

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  1. Love them! Could see a few lining a window sill.

  2. Aileen, what a cool thing to do with the torsos, much more interesting than holding earrings. And, as always, you do such a good job of sharing how you make your masterpieces. Many thanks for that thoughtfulness.

  3. These are very beautiful great job Alineen, this is a better use if them then earring hangers:):)
    Thanks for all your inspiration..

  4. Wow! Lovely and they look like something I could achieve...Thanks for sharing

  5. Aileen! Just wonderful! Love the colors and the overall design of both. I'm thinkin' that I'm gonna have to git me a couple of these babies! :)
    Susan Chong
    aka The Artful Mama

  6. How Cool is this??? I actually have some of these that I bought from the stamp store I used to work at. I was JUST LOOKING AT THEM THE OTHER DAY!!!! You are very inspiring Aileen!


  7. OMG, Aileen, the work you've been doing lately is even more fabulous than usual. This is simply inspiring work! Thanks for sharing, as always!

  8. Very Pretty, Love how you made these :)