Sunday, February 11, 2007

Process of the Heart

I posted part of the process of this particular canvas a few months ago and today I completed it in honor of this weeks Artword "Heart"
(all pictures can be enlarged by clicking)

1. I started with an 8x10 black canvas and used my Color Mists on it allowing the color mists to drip and drizzle across the canvas and then dryed it with the heat gun.

2. I then added some torn deli paper I had previously stamped with gesso and colored with Color Mists, and then added molding paste to the upper left corner and lower right corner then sprayed once again with the color Mists heavily allowing it to drip some more, then partially dried it with the heat gun and stamped into it leaving a textured pattern.

3. Next I added additional colored deli paper and pumped out some silver krylon leafing paint onto some acetate and ran it across the high points of the molding paste and canvas:

4. I had picked up a metal heart during Christmas thinking I would use it for this particular piece but It was 3 dimensional and I had hoped to pry it apart and use only half of the heart but it was welded together and I wasn't able to get it apart. Instead I decided to use it as a mold and molded a piece of 30 gauge aluminum over the metal heart embossing with an embossing stylist and the back of a spoon, smoothing and shaping the aluminum and then folding the edges under. Once I had the heart shaped and puffed out I filled the backside with hot glue to hold the shape and then nailed it to the canvas with carpet tacks. I antiqued the aluminum with some black fluid acrylic paint wiping off part of was still a bit to shiny for my liking so I went over it again with a black oil pastel crayon buffing part of it off. I then weaved some wire around the heart and the carpet tacks. I then sealed it with PYMII the acrylic sealer I mentioned previously. It gives the piece a nice protection.



  1. Wow, Aileen! Your backgrounds are like a new food group! This is so yummy! I feel my resolve for no more new art products weakening LOL Can I ask what colors you used in this piece?

    I tried to look at your color mist page, but my PC wouldn't load the whole thing ... I'll try looking at work on the fast PCs LOL

  2. Another great piece Aileen! I moving in with you! :)

  3. Wonderful Aileen! This piece started out yummy with just the color mists but certainly got better and better with each layer. I love when you post your step-by-step instructions. /jan
    p.s. I love these colors!

  4. Beautiful, Aileen. I keep going to the site to drool over these colors. Now seeing what you have done, they are a must have for me. Thank you for sharing your techniques.