Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flip Flop Wreath

Flip Flop Wreath
Wire Coat Hanger
Flip Flops (how many depends on the size you 
buy-I wished I had bought smaller sizes) *
Hot Glue or Multi-surface adhesive
*I bought my flip flops at Target in their 2.00 bin

1. Stretch coat hanger out to form a circle
2. Glue flip flops down to the coat hanger then to each other
3. Tie pieces of ribbon to the thong/plastic part of the flip flop
(this is a great way to use up pieces of leftover ribbon) 
4. Bend the top part of the hanger around to form a loop
and tie some ribbon at the base of the loop.
5.  Hang it on your door :-)

Looking for more wreath ideas check out

It's really hard to find something that will look
right on my unique door! I really loved the idea of
brightly colored flip flops for summer :-)

Click HERE to see my door painting process


  1. What an intriguing thing to do with flip flops. I looks very cute on your door.

  2. Who doesn't love flip flops and Old Navy has been selling them for $1 a pair.

  3. Great idea!!! Perhaps too much ribbon in the execution......hard to tell they are flip flops??