Thursday, May 03, 2012

Grapefruit Curd...and a printable Label.

A few weeks back I made some grapefruit curd
I was a little hesitant because, well because... its grapefruit!
I actually liked it better then the lemon curd I made.
I also absolve some of my guilt for letting so many
of our grapefruit go to waste.  I mean really just how
many grapefruit can one eat when you have TWO 
huge grapefruit trees that produce twice a year!!

I followed this recipe HERE
except I did not add the ginger or lemon juice
I did however double my recipe

Above is a picture of it cooking down...

...and here it is brought to a boil.

And here they are all canned and ready to eat!

How about some quick grapefruit bread
to go with your curd click HERE to
check out the recipe!

Here is  printable label for you to download 
print if you decide to make some yourself.


  1. hmmmm; I'm not a grapefruit lover, so I'm impressed that you've made it tasty.

  2. I've never thought of making grapefruit curd. It's always lemon. This sounds like tasty change-up.

    The label is darling too. Thank you, Aileen.

  3. I have never even heard of grapefruit curd before. I love grapefruit, especially red.

  4. Grapefruits are a wonderful breakfast item, but my doctor said I cannot eat them as they don't mix with my pills. :( Poo.... maybe a little wouldn't hurt this sounds so good..~~Debb

  5. Love grapefruits!!! This sounds yammyyy!