Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Phenomenal Mini Star Ornaments

I recently made mini star ornaments for an altered 
matchbox swap I'm participating in. While creating
them I had a unique phenomenon happen to them.

I began by using  Staedtler's Fimo Microwave clay 
to cut out my star ornaments.  After I stamped a
design into the clay using "Viva Las Vegastamps!" 
Christmas music stamp and poked a hole in each
one at the top for hanging, I then dried them in the
microwave according to the package directions.

 Next I added some Krylon's gold leafing paint
I pumped out on a piece of plastic, and used my finger
to rub it across the high points of the stamped design.  

Once the gold paint dried I added a lite layer of
clear Crystal Lacquer and some extra fine glitter dust
to each one while the lacquer was still wet.  I let them dry,
and then I added a thicker layer of Crystal Lacquer,
a small red button, and a rhinestone.

Then something magical happened! When I went
back later I discovered that where ever the Krylon
gold leafing paint was on the stars AND wherever
the extra fine glitter dust and Crystal Lacquer  was it
had changed to a turquoise blue color.  Obviously there
must have been a chemical reaction, but what caused it?
From the best of my deduction its a reaction between the
clay, gold leafing paint and  the clear Crystal Lacquer.
I've used both the clear Crystal Lacquer in conjunction
with the extra fine glitter dust many, many times
before and never had this happen, so it must be
the addition of the microwave clay.

To finish them off I added ribbons
to each of them for hanging.
I really love this happenstance, I only wish that I went
with my first choice of decorating my altered matchboxes 
using turquoise and red like I was originally going to do,
then they would have all matched like I meant for it to
happen LOL

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  1. I love surprise benefits like that. And, one is coming my way!

  2. They were meant to be! Beautiful little stars can't wait! :)

  3. WOW, how cool is that, I love turquoise & red, can't wait to see one :)

  4. Fun discovery! Love the colors on these cute stars.

  5. A little bit of Magic, eh? These are sweet :)

  6. They look like Christmas cookies sprinkles with blue glittery sugar. How marvelous!

  7. Really cool! I think the gold must have oxidized or something. They do look like Christmas cookies.