Monday, November 28, 2011

Blinged Out Dollar Store Ornaments

I picked up these ornaments at the Dollar Tree Store 
the other day but they were a little too plain for
my taste. 

See my simple addition of paper 
rosettes and buttons below:
I started out with a strip of paper that was 
approximately 3"x10" that I according  folded.

Once done I folded it in half and stapled it.

Next if you want a decorative edge 
evenly cut each end with pinking shears 
or some other type of decorative scissors.

Next add 2-way sticky tape on 
both sides of the folded ends

Open your rosette and stick each end
together...first one side then the other
to form your circle.

Next I connected two buttons together
using bakers twine threaded and tied

Here I've glued the rosette to the ornament 
and the button to the rosette then clamped 
them together until dry.

Here are two my finished blinged out Dollar Tree ornaments.
For the reindeer I used some Vintage sheet music to create
the rosette and of course more buttons.
Here I've added my blinged out ornament
to a card I made.

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  1. You totally made these ornaments fabulous!
    You are a clever one :)

  2. You brought them form mundane to marvelous.

  3. I love these, Aileen! I've been wanting to try some rosettes, so thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Very Nice..and Must say Its a great creation..

  5. That's so cute. The rosette doesn't even need to go on a another ornament. It would be darling on its own as well! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love Hand thanks for sharing because its good for teach others.