Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Halloween Mail Art Tin

Halloween Mail Art Tin

Supplies Used
  • Halloween Stamps (Skeleton-Sunday International, Fence-Memory Makers Foam Stamp
  • Halloween Embellishments
  • Rhinestones
  • Washi Tape
  • Clear Cellophane Bag
  • Black Sharpie Pen
This was a fun project to create I love finding new ways to alter these large windowed tins, and then mail them as is through the mail. Don't let your postal person tell you that you can't. You can mail almost anything through the mail....even live chickens! LOL I've altered shoes and mailed them as is through the mail along with plastic bottles and tins. This would be a great project to create and send to college kid away from home, a grand child, niece or nephew just in time for Halloween or a birthday perhaps!
Step 1:  Start with a blank large windowed tin and the following colors of 3D Crystal Lacquer (dark blue colored, pearl blue and clear). Open the tin and start applying both 3D colors on the inside of the plastic window. Fill in with the clear CL.
Step 2:  Use your finger to smooth it out evenly then set it aside to dry (you'll have to prop up the window lid, so it stays level. *Note-I originally applied some of the yellow to give a moonlight appearance but didn't like how it looked once it was dry so I went back and applied both blues over that area so it was evenly blue.
Step 3: Apply white gesso to your stamp using a make-up sponge (make sure to wash your stamp off right away). I choose gesso because I wanted a flat finish but you can also use white acrylic paint.
Step 4: I also stamped part of a picket fence.  Once paint has dried fill in white areas on the skeleton and fence with clear 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Step 5:  While lacquer is still wet sprinkle extra fine iridescent glitter dust over the wet areas.
Step 6: Next Add your choice of embellishments (I added a cardboard moon and bat I had in my stash). I also added some bling to my skeleton by adhering rhinestones (to his eyes and spine) using clear 3D Crystal Lacquer and a toothpick.
Step 7: Next use the yellow colored lacquer and fill in the moon around the bats (this will give it added dimension).
Step 8: While the moon is still wet sprinkle extra fine iridescent glitter dust over it.
Step 9:  To finish off the outside of my tin I added rub-on wording. Allow tin to completely dry.
Step 10: Open tin and add iridescent or paper grass to the inside and fill it with Halloween candy.
Step 11:  Seal your tin with some decorative washi tape.
Step 12: On the backside of the tin using your black sharpie marker write your to and from addresses.
Step 13: Once the tin has been addressed, to protect the tin on the outside slide it into a clear cellophane bag, secure it with tape and take it to your local post office to mail to be stamped and mailed.

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  1. That is adorable. I'll be it looks really cool with light going through the lid. You know that you could prop it open and put a tealight behind it. That could be cute.

  2. This is frighteningly awesome, Aileen! As usual, you make the best projects!

  3. Such a cute idea! Who wouldn't love to receive this in the mail?