Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July

  Hey did that title get your attention? I thought I'd share what I'm working on....since the holidays will be here before we know it! Yes, I know it doesn't seem like it, but you all know it happens faster then a blinking twinkle light!  So I'm trying to get a head start on projects know that old saying....the road is paved with good intentions! ;-)
 Here's a new mini sketchbook I've added to other ones I've created (see previous posts HERE).  These make great gifts to give or to create and sell if your participating in a holiday boutique.

 Here's a new whimsical drawings for Halloween I've started.  I don't usually show a before picture, but I thought it might be fun for you to see the transformation as I erase get her just right for me to color.  Again, I'm trying to get a jump on the holidays.

Lastly, here's a canvas I'm still working on.  It started out with a paper napkin background and I've since added several layers of glaze and paint and will add several more layers, I'm sure, before I'm finished. This will probably be either a Christmas gift or a piece for resale for the holidays.

Maybe this will inspire you 
to start thinking of gift 
ideas now and you too can 
get a jump on things.

 So there you have
Artistic Inspirations to help you create!


  1. Aileen,

    Your creations are always gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    From a long time lurker of your blog,

    Ren ^-^

  2. I am not yet ready for Thanksgiving of 1992, but I applaud your plan to get ahead of the 2010 holidays. I particularly love the background piece.

  3. all right you two enough of that scroogyness! get with the program before I send elves to your house LOL

  4. I love the mini-sketchbook. Are those sticker letters? And the ribbons - how posh ;-)