Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I'm working on...

This is what I'm working on currently.  I've started with a Crafty Chica shrine I picked up on sale about a year ago.  I've begun by spraying it with my Color Mists --they really take to natural wood nicely, like a stain almost, yet without the mess of a stain. 
I had some Anaglypta wallpaper that was in one of my erosion bundles , so I decided to give my box a embossed faux metal look. Again, I used my Color Mists to give the wallpaper an aged and patinaed look. View my process below:
e-metal1 011 e-metal4
e-metal5 e-metal7 e-metal8
e-metal8a I first cut out the wallpaper ahead of time so I'd have a medallion and a tile shape.  Next I used the following Color Mists on them: Tiger's Eye Brown, Copper Kettle, Emerald Isle Green, Tungsten Carbide.  I dried them with the heat gun and then sprayed again until I achieved the look I liked.  Then I rubbed the raised areas over a brown Staz on stamp pad.  Next I added a brad to the center medallion. e-metal9

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  1. The metallic looking wallpaper is amazing. You have such a good imagination to think these things up. And, your pictures and description means we can all try it; thanks.