Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steampunk Light Switch Cover RR

  I'm working on getting projects finished today.  First on the list was 4 switch plates for the Steampunk Outlet/Switch Plate Round Robin I'm hosting.  Above are hubby's plates where he had first added the copper tubing on each and the thermometer...I then added a gear mechanism from gutted gauges on each of them (they each have an arm that moves up and down) by drilling holes and learning to thread the hole and then adding a brass screw to each mechanism plus a little Lock Tight to hold them on.

 Next were Jean's plates.  Hubby added the copper pipe on the right plate and the copper pounded braiding on the left plate.  I added the gear on the right plate and the chain hanging down.  I also added another chain on the left plate  by drilling holes and attaching it with screws and a washers.

Now they're all ready to go on to the next person for them to work on.

Click Here to view my Plates for this RR.

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  1. I love how much fun everyone is having with your switchplate rr. You and Lynn are both steampunk wizards.

  2. it's great seeing lynn put his talents out there! jean is going to love hers and lynn's is great too!