Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Copper Bird Pin

Copper Bird Pin

I created this a couple of weeks ago but kept forgetting to take a picture of it. I used 40 gauge copper and downloaded, re sized and printed a bird template HERE. I then cut it out and embossed it freehand on the reverse side with a ball point pen that didn't have ink in it. I may decide to mount it on a small Formica sample to use as the base and then it can be worn as a pin or a necklace. To give it a little more aged coloring I dabbed some alcohol ink (Espresso) on to it.

Supplies Used

Vintage Wood Bingo Disk

Mini Brads-opened and used around the

bingo disk & for the legs

Laminate Adhesive (for bottle cap center)

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  1. love this....the bird would make a great pin or pendant too !!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is gorgeous. I just love the colors and the way you applied them.

    I have to get me some of those alcohol inks. Do you have any tips to share for using them? I love the transparent and blended look!