Thursday, July 02, 2009

How to add a Copyright Symbol using PSP

I've had several emails asking how I create a copyright watermark on my pictures. Here's a simple tutorial. I use Corels Paint Shop Pro so if your using Adobe Photoshop you'll have to try to to see if you can adapt my directions as best you can. I've used both programs and personally I've found PSP (Paintshop Pro) to be much more user friendly and the price alone is a lot cheaper. In fact I just found a great deal where you can get PSP at Frys for free with their rebate.
Keep in mind there are many ways you can add a watermark this is what works for me :-)

1. Open an image. Select the text tool and click on the image where you want to place the text.
2. In the text entry dialog, type the copyright symbol (see below) or any other text you want to use for a watermark.

3. Still in the text entry dialog, highlight the text by dragging across it and set the font, text size and formatting as desired.

4. With the text still highlighted, click the color swatch and set the text color to light gray or white then click APPLY.

5. Scale and position the text if necessary.

6. Go to Layers > Properties and set Opacity to 35-60 (the level of opacity depends on how light or dark your background is-the above sample was set at 50 opacity) OK out of window.
7. Now click on File and SAVE AS > rename your file so you still have a clean original photo with no watermark.

How to Create an Alt Key Copyright Symbol
© - Hold down the ALT key with your left hand and use your right hand to enter the numbers 0169 on the number pad. Release the Alt key and the symbol © will appear.

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  1. If you press Ctrl/Alt and then 'c' you get the copyright symbol if you're working in Word...Ctrl/Alt 't' makes a trademark symbol and C/A 'r' makes a registered symbol.

    Great tutorial! Lately I've decided I'm not even doing a watermark, it's a bit old copyright in the middle of all of my images and I'm hoping that makes it clear they're mine!

    Thanks Aileen!


  2. Thank you for posting this explanation.
    I'm trying to figure out how to put some type of text into/onto my photographs in order to claim them as my own.
    I've used PSP somewhat; but not very experienced.
    As I post more photos into Facebook and such, I have concerns about my photographs.
    This was quite helpful.