Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Giveaway Part 2

Blog Giveaway Part 2
(click HERE to read about part 1)
Boy its sure has been hard to narrow down my favorite sayings everyone posted for my recent curvalicious series giveaway. The fact of the matter is I loved them all and thought each one was clever, so thank you all who posted them!!
Okay now I need your help again...let me know out of the following sayings which one you like the they are not in any particular order:
A. I feel a binge coming on!

B. Hmmmm...if I eat them in the invisible plane do the calories still count?

C. Wonder girdle, don't fail me now!

D. Don't you dare look at me like that. They're mini cupcakes.

E. Cupcakes are a girl's best friend.

F. No one knew Wonder Woman's secret weapon was cupcakes...

Leave a post with your letter choice and don't forget to include your name and email

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  1. The expression on her face - B - definitely B!

  2. They are all great but I love "C".


  3. Oh it has to me C.....for me,it has to be C AND I'm a poet! What a way to start my day...........

  4. oh you think I was should have said said...BE? It's early, very early...

  5. B - is very innovative. A,D, E, & F are ok. But the only one that fits in the unique field is C. So.........if I were you I'd pick B. She looks like Hmmmmmmmmmm...