Thursday, February 05, 2009

Magnetic Background

Magnetic Paper Towel Background
(Click to enlarge)

Here's a twist on a paper towel background technique my son came up with. He had a bottle of iron dust he'd collected in sandboxes at school when he was a kid using a magnet (evidently sand has iron in it, who knew!).

Mix together
1 Tablespoon Iron Dust collected from sand using a magnet

1 1/2 -2 Tablespoons Future Floor wax (liquid acrylic)

Pour on and paint the paper towel with the mixture and allow to dry. I then drizzled gesso mixed with tar gel and a little bit of water. While it was still wet I sprinkled it with bronze mica powder and allowed that to dry. Last I painted the hearts and dots with gold acrylic craft paint. Notice the letters spelling out LOVE those are magnetic letters from the fridge. For those wondering-- the paper towel is still a little stiff but still very pliable.

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  1. very clever - and it looks good, too!


  2. that is what I call a team looks really pretty and is inventive... is a science after all...or is it science is an art???/
    Jean (smile)

  3. Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! Really really neat. :-)