Sunday, February 22, 2009

Art Peeps and Banner Day!

Yesterday, I had the delight of spending the morning with my art peeps creating mini banners. Yep you got it! I'm going through my hooked on banners phase, bare with me it shall pass LOL eventually.

Kris has the most awesome art room- its organized, great lighting and there's so much to look at! It is so relaxing there I think I could live there (don't worry Kris I won't be packing my bags LOL).
Here's a piece Bev was working on using a glossy recpie card that came in the mail. She sanded it, gessoed it and then used reinkers on it....I really loved the look!

Bev contemplating her I mean her banner.

Kris burning brain cells as she decides her next banner move.
Here's Kris' finished banner she made for her future DIL's bridal shower package. Isn't it adorable!


I ended up making two mini banners the first one below (Nest) was an idea I had in my head that I just HAD to do, but then the bright colors kept calling to me thus the JOY banner above. Both of these banner triangles measures about 2 1/2 -3 in length (not the entire banner) it was a fun size to work with.


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  1. Well! I thought I loved the Nest banner the best but the JOY calls me too! LOL.
    The only solution to my coveting your banners is to make one for myself! Maybe I will make 2. Or 3!
    I think I have enough stuff to make at least one. LOL!

  2. Those are SO cute! I love that they are small and not overwhelming to get finished. I have to try it myself!

  3. Kris you have enough stuff to make about a zillion of them you better get busy LOL

    Diane, I hear you on feeling overwhelmed I highly recommend the smaller size its just too much fun to use all those little embellishments we all have :-)

  4. It was obviously a banner day! Few things are as wonderful as art days with friends. And, your banners look wonderful.


  5. How fun! I need to try some of these, too Love that picture of Kris!

  6. Hey!!! How come I wasn't invited. I would have enjoyed that day!!!
    Jane W. From atc_group

  7. I'm so jealous that ya'll got togther for a play day. Wish I could have joined you. Love the banners and the photo's of the hard working artists. But where were you?

  8. These banners are wonderful!! I can't wait to try my hand at doing some. I'm glad you posted the size - I thought they were much larger.