Monday, December 29, 2008

Gifts from the Heart

I thought I'd share some gifts hubby made for Christmas...

Here's a copper necklace that hubby totally surprised me with! I am so thrilled to have something he's made! I saw him making part of it, but though it was part of the train he was making for one of our sons and had no clue it was a part of a necklace for me!

Here you can see that the copper cover swings open to reveal a polished piece of stainless steel. He had originally planned to stamp with tiny metal stamps Beautiful at the base of the mirror but even with the tiny stamps he had it was too big to fit the word.

Here's a money train he made for one of our sons who collects trains....each of the nickles have been threaded and will roll along the train track.

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  1. How cool is this! What a wondeful gift. And the train is such a neat idea.


  2. Aileen HOW COOL! I love that your husband makes things and is creative enough to surprise you! It's been a lovely romp thru your blog lately - you certainly have a holly jolly house! And congrats on your bathroom makeover- it's gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE your copper necklace! How very sweet and thoughtful and creative your DH is!!
    And the train is amazing! So very ingenious in design! What a keeper you have!!

  4. The necklace and the train are both wonderful! I love how the necklace opens. I'll have to show Joe the train. I don't know how I missed this last year!