Sunday, June 29, 2008

Music Inspires me how about you?

The question has come up recently as to what inspires me and I find other artist's work inspirational along with nature, feelings and most of all music.
I have, I think an eclectic taste in music I like most all music-oldies, alternative, broadway, classical and even some rap and weird Al...pretty much everything but country! My favorite though is Celtic music I find it very inspiring artistically for me. Here's my playlist of with a few of my favorite songs.

What kind of music inspires YOU?

Well for some reason my playlist is not showing up if anyone knows a solution please let me know otherwise try the following link maybe it will work:


  1. Me too Aileen! I love celtic music! I am so charged up by it. Sometimes it's so lovely it makes me cry. (My Irish grandpa told me it's because I have Irish heritage, and it's in my blood, you can't fight it.) Hmm do you have irish heritage? Mike and I played only celtic music at our wedding, and people thought we were weird....LOL!

  2. I love the sound of silence! Seriously! I prefer to work in complete silence. However, I do love instrumental music, especially piano but never turn anything on when I create.