Friday, March 28, 2008

Queen for a Moment...

I tried to post this yesterday but blogger wasn't cooperativing! I had a fun play day with my artist buds and we worked on some wooden journals. While we were creating away the mail arrived and Queen Kris received her beautiful new crown made by Lady Joanne the royal crown maker! The crown was spectacular! Holding it in your hand you can see that this crown must have taken quite a long time to create! Queen Kris being the benevolent queen that she is allowed each of us to try her crown on, of course her guards were not far off with their trusty sword so my ideas of heisting it for myself went out the drawbridge!


  1. The wooden journals look like a great project. And, you each look positively regal and enchanting wearing a crown ~ obviously a royal gathering.


  2. unlike Cinderella where the shoe only fits one, this crown looks positively regal on all its bestowed subjects...
    I enjoyed seeing the variety of results with the wood journals too...what a royal day you all must have had ...Queen Elizabeth will be jealous.
    Jean-just a lowly serf

  3. You gals are STYLIN'! LOVE the crown, and you all look so lovely in it! 'k... I wanna know who the gal is with the stunning *gray-ish* hair? I love the color! GORGEOUS!!!


  4. And what beauty queens all of you are. I loved the slide show. Wish I could have been there!

  5. What a wonderful crown! You all look like royalty in it.

  6. i LOVE this crown!!!!!!i have started to buy this crown book a bazillion times and i always remove it from my cart
    holy cow i have to get this book now!!!
    oh just thanks for showing this to me!

  7. Wow! It looks like you all were having fun! Wish I had been there too. That crown is way cool!