Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged!

I was surprised to discover I had been tagged to reveal 7 random things about myself by Joanne Thieme Huffman (thanks Joanne!). I thought okay this will be easy, but actually it was a lot harder then I thought!

7 Random Aileen Factoids

1. I use to be a Cosmetology Instructor and loved it but hated the politics.

2. I have DYSCALCULIA a form of Math Dyslexia.

3. In my previous early married life I lived on a farm and we milked 13 milk goats by hand.

4. I love to sing along to the radio in the car even though I can't sing.

5. I'm an early riser and have never slept late and I'm envious of people who can.

6. I have a dream of one day writing an art book geared towards Kids and Teachers.

7. I can 't stop laughing when I'm nervous or stressed.

As I look into my magic gazing ball I tag the following people:
Kris Henderson, Christy Grant, Vicki Sun, Cat Dodt, Susan Chong, Karen Campbell, Kathy McElroy.


  1. Very cool gazing ball. I love the idea of you writing an art book; I think it would be great.

  2. You didn't ask...but I give my thoughts anyways.
    1. I love anything mystic, spiritaul, anything out of the norm.

    2. I get great enjoyment out of making my sistah laugh...I also laugh when in a stessful situation, especially when I'm with my sistah.

    3. My mother called me the "Jackie of all trades"...umm I just wish I could find one, but then that would be boring!

    4. I'm a true Aquarian.

    5. I love horror movies.

    6. I love the human in the art form, especially lips.

    7. Some day soon I will travel to Scottland to find my Jamie. :-)