Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm in mourning for our lone palm tree we had growing in our yard *sniff*. What would a home in California be without a palm tree I mean after all don't all homes in California have palm trees and orange trees!?! (wry grin) We truly did love our palm tree, but it kept loosing its palm fromms whenever it was windy (like yesterday) and they are huge spiky things that fly off. Luckily they didn't hit any one or any cars, but they did hit the power lines several times causing the power to go out yesterday. Finally our power company showed up and said they were going to trim it....fine by us...then they came back and said they were topping it and that meant it would die and be left with a lone stick left in the ugly! OR they would remove it for us at no charge OR we could have it done at our expense. Sadly we had to say good-bye to our palm just didn't make good sense not to remove it. The palm tree was here when we moved in...not quite as large as it is now but still it towered over our house but right about at the power lines at that it towers way over the power lines. It was a haven for a variety of birds, owls include. Though I'm sure with all the fromms flying off yesterday and the winds they had found new living arraignments. The only condition my husband had was that could they please leave lengths as long as possible so he could make totem poles out of them which he has wanted to do for a long time....we'll see when that happens LOL They worked until 9 pm last night just to get it topped below the power lines and then came back this morning to take it the rest of the way down *sniff*

This is what it looked like this morning after they topped it.
Here they are cutting it little by little.
The mess left
and more mess
These are just the topped pieces they felled last night.


  1. Aw, and it was a big one, too. Do you have a place to plant another somewhere else in your yard? Poor tree. We had that done to some pines at our old house then took them all the way down. It weakens them so much.

    The fronds look like witches' brooms in the next to last picture. Maybe I just have Halloween on my brain!

  2. I am sorry about you losing your special palm tree - that is very sad! But it's great that your creative DH had the foresight to save the trunk - what a great tribute totems will be to your beloved tree!

  3. it was a good served you well, and making a totem pole from its wood will keep it near and dear...without the power outages.
    You have now thought of something else to alter!!!! like a true artist.

  4. I know just how you feel. We've had to have some trees cut down around our house and it feels as if we've lost a good friend. It was either cut them down or have them come crashing down on the roof if/when we have a major hurricane. As they say, "An ounce of prevention..."