Sunday, November 01, 2009

Winter Wonderland Felt Banners

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Now to get ready for the "C"word...prepare yourself I'm gonna say it...Christmas! I'm participating in a Winter Wonderland Banner Swap and the theme is winter whites with a touch of blue or teal.

Here's my finished banners. I found a great base to use, stiff glittered felt. They also have stiff felt that's un glittered. I highly recommend using the stiff felt for making banners. It's so easy to cut and firm enough to add heavier objects on without having to add a backing if you don't want to.

Here's some of them up close. At the dollar store I was able to find some great snowflakes to use. The bottom elements were also from the dollar store that I seperated, and glued to the tips using clear fabric glue.

Here they are all, no two are the same. They're now ready to be package up.

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  1. Am loving these banners. Never thought to use the stiff felt before. Probably because in the store near me, they keep them separate from the regular felt. These look great all hanging together.

  2. Wow! Those are super cool, Aileen. I Love them. I am making some banners for Janes swap. They are fun to make!
    Happy Monday!