Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Workshop Peeve

For those of you who take workshops and for the rest of you who are thinking about it here's some food for thought. Make sure to find out what level the workshop is geared towards by asking. They don't always tell you in the class details. I recently took a art journaling workshop with a couple of art buds and we were all three disappointed. It became apparent about 5 mins into the workshop that we were well beyond the level of the workshop. It was geared for very beginning budding artists. We made the most of it by using the time to create, but what an expensive play day. We could have done that on our own. We should have asked more questions but we were excited to find a workshop in our neck of the woods and about getting together that we didn't think about asking that important question. If you teach workshops make sure you include what level your workshop is designed for and be ready for several different level artists, so they don't come away disappointed. None of us are experienced art journalers but do have a fair amount of experience under our belts and it was really disappointing to not learn anything new or be inspired. Even if its past info we already know, if presented right it could have re inspired us.
Below are a couple of journal pages
I worked on while I was there.
The flamingo page I still need to finish.

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  1. In spite of a disappointing workshop, you created some lovely, vibrant, colorful art!

  2. I've got a workshop idea you might like! And it fits your knowledge level ideally.
    Contact me for more information.