Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A few pictures

As promised here are a few more pictures (you should be able to click on them to enlarge).

Vendor Night
My niece is on the left and me on the right (No I promise I wasn't hiding this time LOL Mz. Bev took the picture before I knew it lol).
See I wasn't making it up here's pictures of where I stayed and below if you have good eyes you can read the history of Stuck-up Inn.

Views by the Stuck-up Inn


  1. Your vendor table looks very inviting. The Stuck Up house looks great (I love the spirited co-eds story) and what a great view you had!


  2. I LOVE the way Asilomar looks...I would be so at home there and your display at Vendor Night is wonderful. I love the banner and everything! Just so much fun stuff there.

  3. Aileen, I love the way your vendor space looks! Your banners are great and your arrangement of your many products really rocks! I also enjoyed seeing the beautiful area of Asilomar! I hope you have enjoyed every exhausting moment of the experience and have sold many products!