Friday, April 18, 2008

Back from Asilomar

I made it back from Asilomar yesterday it was a beautiful drive home that is until I reached the valley and could feel the heat ugh! I was already spoiled by the cool weather at Asilomar! If you get the chance to go to next year's Art & Soul and have a choice of which one I highly recommend the one at Asilomar it's such a beautiful, relaxing and friendly place!
Here's a few more pieces from my Relic's in the Round class with Sally Jean the Solder Queen!
Test Tube Trinket Necklace

Beach in a Bottle
This started out as a I think a Vinegar or Oil Bottle that I cut off the neck and then closed up the top with a piece of glass soldered.

Back side of Mermaid in a Bottle

Captured Bird
This was the top of the previous bottle, it's hard to tell but I used sheets of music cut and curled for the nesting a bit of glitter and then the bird was added.


  1. You explained these to me, but until I saw them, it was hard to imagine. These are amazing and so fun!

  2. You obviously now qualify as soldering royalty. I particularly love the beach in a bottle, but they are all beautiful. Glad you had a great time.


  3. Love it all Aileen. I imagine you are looking around for things to solder now :)

  4. Your creations are gorgeous, Aileen! I went to the first Asilomar, and it was total heaven!

  5. Aileen. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Look s absolutely stunning setting. Love your charms and bottles. Welcome back. I hope your table was a huge success. Hugz, Scary

  6. These are terrific, Aileen! Did you bring the bottles from home? Or Sally Jean supplied them? They have really interesting and artsy shapes!

  7. I love these pieces, especially the test tube. They are all awesome! I'll have to think about going to Asilomar next year.

  8. I'm totally jealous that you got into a class with Sally Jean. Every time I look into an art retreat, her classes are already sold out! Lovely pieces!! fun, fun, fun!-Jenny at