Monday, February 25, 2008

An Eagle Soars!


My son recently earned his Eagle rank in scouting.
It's quite an honor and only earned through
a lot of time and hard work!
Statistics of Scouting
A Look At 100 Boys That Join Scouting
12 will receive their first time religious contact
5 will earn their religious emblem
2 will enter the clergy
18 will develop hobbies which will last a lifetime
8 will enter a career based on Merit Badges work
17 will become Scout volunteers
1 will use Scouting skills to save the life of another person
1 will use Scouting skills to save his own life
28 will continue lifelong hobbies started in Scouting
2 will attain the rank of EAGLE

Both of my younger sons do not like to have their
picture taken, nor smile for the camera, instead they'd rather do poses, I call this their Adonis look LOL

This took me almost two weeks to finish this piece for a lottery we do in a group I'm in......yes I know that's crazy, but so much has been going on that it was only here and there that I've been able to work on it...I started out using the backside of a bingo card as the base and adding some scrap paper, a Vintage image some stamping, rub-ons, and chalk inks...finally I used my finger and spread some gesso on the bottom to look like snow and then chalk inked around that when it was dry. I also dipped a ball point pen in the gesso adding white gesso dots to give the illusion of it snowing.


  1. Very clever - reminds me of cartoon characters that never wear proper winter clothes - just a hat - like that will protect them from the snow!


  2. What an honor for your whole family! Congratulations to all of you. Eagle Scout is a very impressive achievement.

    Of course, you already kinow I love your winter piece. Only a California girl could imagine playing in the snow in those outfits.


  3. Way to go, Spencer! That is indeed an accomplishment. Love your piece for the lottery.

  4. Congratulations to Spencer and to his family who has supported his scouting activities. You all must be so proud of him. I'd like to hear about his project he did to attain this wonderful accomplishment.

  5. I just happened upon your blog via other blogs, I'm not sure which one led me here. :)

    Congrats to your son!

    I love your collages and the winter scene is fantastic! Love it! Can't wait to see more and look through your blog at past work!

  6. I too just happened upon your blog via other blogs.

    Congratulations to your son and to his parents! My son is an Eagle... I know what it takes and you are all to be proud ...

    Your collages are wonderful too.

  7. My, your boys are Adnonis's! Congratulations to your eagle scout - I love your pic of him with wings.

  8. Hey girl! I still love that pic of Spencer with the eagle overlay. So cool. Okay, check out my blog. You've been tagged in a six-item tell something game that Carla tagged me in. Shake up those brain cells!

  9. They won't like this, of course, but what cute boys you have! And I know what a huge achievement Eagle Scout is! Congratulations to Spencer. Remind him from me to always put this on his resume in future as it will help him with many things from getting into college to getting a new job. It isn't why he did it, of course, but its a side benefit of all the hard work he put in!


  10. Congratulations on his achievement and yours! I have always said that the man you want to marry should have either been a boy scout or a paper carrier. If you start asking you will find that the "good ones" were one or the other!

    Love the picture of your son with the eagle overlapping!