Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chubby Mermaids

Boy it's been awhile since I've drawn or painted and I felt rusty yet, it felt good too!

My friend wanted me to paint some chubby mermaids so I attempted it using watercolors and Gouache paints it wasn't so easy drawing chubby I soon found out LOL....I also felt out of practice with the faces again especially! The two larger mermaids I made so I could cut them out and hang them from ribbon. They measure about 5"x7 "in size.


  1. You have a wonderful way with mermaids. And, I particularly love the chubby mermaids (hmmm, could I be seeing myself as an ample mermaid?). Excellent paintings.


  2. I love your mermaids. They are colorful and make me happy!