Sunday, May 20, 2007

So many things... little time...its been awhile hasn't it. I'm sure you all have grown bored with things on here, so time for a little catch up.

Some of you may remember we had our house painted this past fall bright yellow and eggplant. You can see before and after pictures at the link here:

Below is a picture of my newly painted bench my husband made me from a head and foot board...

If you check out my altered house photos you can see the before picture of the bench:


This weekend seemed to be a whirlwind of activities we not only went out once but twice! which is not typical for us we're normally real homebodies. Friday night we went to a local restaurant that features music and listened to a Scottish Rock band that was over from Scotland to perform at some local Scottish Highland games. The group calls themselves Box O' Bananas , kooky name I know LOL but they were awesome! A strange mix of fast tempoed Scottish rock music mixed with a Cajun flavor...yes, I know that's a strange combination LOL not only were they awesome sounding they also we're quite funny!! I must admit I could listen to their Scottish brogue for hours and not grow tired of it! We also enjoyed listening our local piping and drum group.

Saturday Carolyn Rhea ,the comedienne was in town and we watched her perform at the newly renovated State Theater. If you ever get the chance to see her perform do it, she is hilarious!! She kept us laughing throughout the show and then she was gracious enough to meet and mingle with people afterwards. I think we're probably caught up for the year on our entertainment after two nights out LOL


For the past two weeks I've been working on a Round Robin project for my local art group and finally finished it!

Front of Suitcase

We each picked something to have each other alter....I had picked a wooden painter's palette and had each person add something to it of themselves....Someone else picked a small suitcase from Big lots. There was a suitcase for each of us to alter. It started out looking like it had flowered wallpaper on it so out came the gesso and I painted the entire outside, then of course I used my Color Mists on the outside and inside.....once that was dry I used the mega size punchinella and chalk inks to add some depth and then stamped with large size postal stamps from Ma Vinci stamps with black staz on ink and then I stamped with Krylon gold leafing over that. I also added some rub ons I had....all of what I used to decorate the outside and inside was all stuff I already had.

Once I was completely done I sealed the suitcase inside and out with PYMII

Back side




  1. Wooo Hooo! I can't wait to see it in person. She'll love it!
    Love those girls...OMG they are cute.
    Where'd you get them?

  2. Aileen, the bench looks great on your porch (ahhh, a place to rest my weary "feet" when I come to visit). The suitcase is a treasure, a very cool idea. I look forward to you posting what they do to your pallette.

  3. I love your house. I always wanted a red house with grey trim but I have a grey house with red doors. I think if I did anything else, the neighbors would have me arrested for disturbing their blah world.
    enjoy your colors! I am jealous.

  4. aileen, the suitcase is adorable - outside and in! and the bench looks great on your porch - a perfect color!

  5. Love the suitcase! And that bench is just so pretty!

  6. Aileen, the bench is the perfect accent for your porch! Love the color. The suitcase is way cool.


  7. You'd love the colors down here in AZ, Aileen. Gorgeous bench and how terrific of hubby to build it for you. Plus son gathering seeds and growing gorgeous thistle for you, too! I could never bear to hurt the pretty thistle when it invaded past yards that weren't in the dry dry desert. Way too pretty!
    You always have great stuff on your blog. ;-))

  8. Love your suitcase and bench. Hope to see them soon...hint hint!

  9. The suitcase is so cute! Love the inside. Really wonderful!
    I also love your bench- nice having a handy hubby!

  10. Come and paint my house ! Cape Cod is BeaUUUUUUUtiful in the summer !

  11. Love your bench. Your husbnad is very talented. Your house looks so colorful, cheerful and inviting.
    Your purse turned out very cool. Of course everything you do turns out pretty cool!

  12. I love this suitcase ... and the large sequin waste looks great on there!

  13. Very cool. Love the suitcase!!!

  14. Your house looks like such a happy place to be!!!