Thursday, May 10, 2007

There's been no time for art, but how about a couple of beautiful pictures I took recently. I love thistles and my son collected the seeds from a thistle plant he brought home and grew these for me. How can something look so beautiful yet be so lethal! Click the link below to read more about thistles:


  1. I also love thistles and teasle. In N. FL, ours usually start blooming in late Feb. but this year, we had them in January and again in March since we had a warm Jan and a long spring. All of ours are already fluffed out on the second growing. Have a feeling it is gonna be a long, l o n g summer.

  2. Aileen, these are very cool pictures. I can see all sorts of art projects coming rom either the image (great color, great shot of the thorny little ball) or the idea.

  3. Aileen, These are beautiful pictures.


  4. Gorgeous!


    Diane (Herbie)