Saturday, July 15, 2006

He's Got Legs...

I'll keep this short since I still have to be careful about how long I sit at the computer. Gotta still keep that leg elevated which I have to be honest is a real PIA! The diagnosis seems to keep changing and its left me more then a bit frustrated so we'll leave it at that before I get off on a rant! :-)

What I really wanted to write about is what great guys I have! Hubby knows just what to bring home to me to make my eyes light up and make me smile and it ain't diamonds LOL

This morning Number 3 son and Hubby rode their bikes down to the local high school for a huge yard sale they were having. A few hours later they rode up with goodies tied to their bike for me! As a specialist in possession reincarnation I was more then a little thrilled! The looks on the people's faces as they rode home with this strapped to the back of their bike was worth it all they both said LOL

What exactly is it that they brought me? If you check out the picture below you'll notice an extra set of legs....yes that's right they brought me a set of mannequin legs and something else I've been on a search for is a folding ruler! Both treasures in my book!

Wee I'm flyin' now!

Strike a Pose!


  1. Yay! you need a new leg...and handsome white ones like that are a gem for sure! LOL How fun.

  2. What treasures! And the legs are cool, too!