Sunday, June 25, 2006

Praise Who ever Invented Freon!

Houston we've got Air! YES!! Hubby has put the air conditioner back in and we're coolin' with Freon now! :::DOES THE HAPPY DANCE::: Yes, I'm just a little more then excited after living the last week without the air in the main part of the house my studio was hotter then Hades!! I worship whoever discovered Freon! Thanks to all of you who emailed me and posted and offered their sympathies and even help!!!

I did get some more art done...I'm still having fun with the gouache paints click on the link to learn more or order your own set:
Gouache Paint Sets

Here's another altered cabinet card and shipping tag using gouache paints:


  1. Love your recent art! care to add me to your blog friends list?

  2. just love the colours.............thanx for sharing
    joan in italy