Friday, June 23, 2006

How Hot is Hot?

I'm giving you fair warning I'm on a rant today so click away now or read on! Its hot and I don't just mean a little hot its blasting hot, smokin' hot, steekin' hot, hot tamales hot! Just how hot is hot? well for me anything over 90 is hedging on too hot and we have now reached triple digits!! today is suppose to be 107....tomorrow they say 110!! I just love when people say
but it's a dry heat..." ha! dry heat wet heat it doesn't make a difference hot is hot! LOL

What makes it so bad is that we live in a 100 year old house without central heat and air...we do/did have an air conditioner but hubby had to take it out when he put in new windows this year and since we had un usually cooler weather it wasn't a priority and it must have slipped his mind that it just might become a priority HELLOOOO we have reached melt down levels honey!! I put a thermostat in my office yesterday and with the fan blowing from the computer and it being a small room it was 90 degrees...kind of hard to type with sweat dripping in your eyes! Hey maybe that's what they mean when they say "Feel the burn baaaby!"

Sorry, no art to post I'm hoping to get some done if I haven't melted, so check back!


  1. Freaking hot, Ai. My sympathies. Send the DH out to get a window A/C. We just got the freon fixed on the house today and the car on Wednesday. It had been pure misery up til then.

  2. WHOA! I feel for ya! I vote for the window AC too. If it used just in your office area, you could count it as a tax deduction ;0)

  3. Hey Girl,
    You get the unit I will come down and help install but only if it goes into your studio. You can't live like that. I also have big trouble over 90 degrees. This week has been the pits. Today is suppose to be up to 104 I think.

    Call me when you need the assist.

    Sharon (Hot down the street too)