Friday, June 30, 2006

Running With Scissors...

The boys are gone for 10 days camping with their Boy Scout troop and I'm a free mom! I should be running around the house naked or with scissors or something!.....well okay forget the running naked part I wouldn't want to scare the cats!....I thought I'd be feeling more thrilled to have the time to do art etc but it hasn't quite hit yet I'm still missing them.

I have been experimenting doing some digital art see below:


  1. I hope you did decide NOT to run naked with scissors. You might cut something important off by accident...I mean with your house being cold and all now.
    Love the digital art! Teach me!!!

  2. Hi Ai. I love running around nekid. I make sure everyone is gone, cats are out, and curtains closed. Oh, too much info??? Sorry. LOL. Nice digi pics. too.

  3. I love your honesty about how crazy boys make Moms during the summer.
    I'd like to add your wonderful blog to mine, and you may do the same if you'd like: